Thursday, 3 October 2019

The Never Ending Saga of Social Media Acceptance

I have spent far too long seeking approval from various social media platforms.

Mostly it has been my endless run-ins with Facebook that give me most grief.

But Instagram and YouTube are almost as bad.

Free advertising is hard to come by and it may be time to accept that if you cannot afford to advertise you are swimming against the tide.

But this is nothing new.

When I first started up my business with a fancy dress shop in a very small peninsula town along the UK's south coast, I was always amazed at the fact that residents still didn't know my shop existed after many years of trading. I dreamed of being able to afford an ad on local TV.

Today I am accepting my YouTube ban for nudity and Facebook bans on three accounts for spamming and being reported for abusive content. (I think the abuse may have been from the Dominartist, it wasn't me gov honest).

I am painting the new GoGa Gallery at Royal Clarence while I have time because I am not distracted by the chattering classes.

Pasha x

One of my nudes for the new gallery.

Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Wife TV the cake and bath episode

It was messy, I won't lie....and a bugger to get out of my underwear.

Hope you like it. I particularly like the mirror which is a fish eye one. I will use it again.

This wife clip is not yet edited and available to subscribers.

I need some promo shots for the series....I would like to do a traditional wifey shot with a

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