Thursday, 14 November 2019

When you need slaves, don't pick on the elderly!

I am currently off work due to exhaustion related depression, oh and did I mention a possible stomach ulcer, and cancer, and, what is the other thing, oh yes, arthritis.

I am surprised I am alive.

And it is for this very reason I am on a personal mission to get the retirement age for women down to the reasonable age of fifty-five.

I know what you are all thinking: where did she get fifty-five from, thin air?

I have worked all my life to such extreme levels, not least when I toiled in the basements of life's gutter housing with four screaming brats at my ankles, hems, and breasts. There was not a day went by that was spent luxuriating in that wonderful holiday destination of 'nothing to do'. I have never been there, I have no idea what it is like.

Twenty years ago, when I was but a fledgling of thirty-seven, I looked forward to by retirement at sixty. Ah yes, thought I, there would be world travel, a dark prince from another continent, yoga and gin. What was not to look forward to?

My last child is around twenty-six. I cannot be specific, my mind is going as I am now what the kids call quite old.

Theoretically at least, though this did not work in practice, I have been child-free for eight earthling years. This is the period of time I have devoted to trying to be a millionaire, it was catch-up time. I had devoted my life to the fickle foursome, with no financial or physical assistance from two dead beat fathers. Personally, I think they should be paying my pension. 

Making a fortune has proved harder than I thought. I went bust and got cancer.

Back to the drawing board.

I am cured of the cancer at least (for now) but here is the thing with getting older, things get worse, not better.

It begins with the skeleton, then the organs, and sometimes the brain. Even your skin gets up after you in the mornings.

I am not complaining about getting old. I plan to be the face of the feisty fifties, until I am sixty, when I will find another clever alliteration. I am still socially vibrant, in touch with current intellectual thought, and most of all, I am wise. There is not much I don't like about getting older, except getting old.

But I am complaining about being put to work in B and Q like some favour, under the banner of 'keep them occupied' when really it is a political drive to get us to pay for our own medication. I do not need to be occupied, I need a bloody rest.

A recent government report has looked into the viability of raising the retirement age to seventy-five.

I can only think of reasons why this is a flawed plan in women over fifty-five.

We are physically falling apart. I personally see the doctor at least once a week.

We know best. Women over fifty have been there, done it and got the tee. This makes us unfit to deal with the public, especially youth, which can be defined as anyone under fifty.

Our country owes us. We created or supported a generation of children, either through our wombs or breasts, or through schools or hospitals; we were your dinner ladies, your ticket collectors, and your cleaners. We mopped your brows and your spew. We listened, we cared, we took action.

You made a promise that we could have a rest and then stole it from us.

I am not suggesting for one moment that women over fifty-five should not work at all. But I am suggesting that we should be allowed to make the choice and that those choices should be acceptable to us. I quite fancy an hour a week in the Chanel concession at Boots, when my arthritis isn't playing up, when my menopausal hot flushes are at bay and when my grief over how I wasted my life in violent unstable relationships is at the back of my elderly and confused mind.

You guys cannot erase the history of our use, or the vibrancy of our current existence, cancel our deployment, and then make us slaves to the market economy. We won't let you.

Pasha du Valentine
© 2019 Goddamn Media

Thursday, 3 October 2019

The Never Ending Saga of Social Media Acceptance

I have spent far too long seeking approval from various social media platforms.

Mostly it has been my endless run-ins with Facebook that give me most grief.

But Instagram and YouTube are almost as bad.

Free advertising is hard to come by and it may be time to accept that if you cannot afford to advertise you are swimming against the tide.

But this is nothing new.

When I first started up my business with a fancy dress shop in a very small peninsula town along the UK's south coast, I was always amazed at the fact that residents still didn't know my shop existed after many years of trading. I dreamed of being able to afford an ad on local TV.

Today I am accepting my YouTube ban for nudity and Facebook bans on three accounts for spamming and being reported for abusive content. (I think the abuse may have been from the Dominartist, it wasn't me gov honest).

I am painting the new GoGa Gallery at Royal Clarence while I have time because I am not distracted by the chattering classes.

Pasha x

One of my nudes for the new gallery.

Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Wife TV the cake and bath episode

It was messy, I won't lie....and a bugger to get out of my underwear.

Hope you like it. I particularly like the mirror which is a fish eye one. I will use it again.

This wife clip is not yet edited and available to subscribers.

I need some promo shots for the series....I would like to do a traditional wifey shot with a

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