Monday, 30 April 2018

The Man Who Made Soho Glow

A friend tonight introduced me to this article which is a great nostalgic bedtime read about Soho.

The demise of the dirty streets in neon with the whores and strippers decorating the doorways of Soho drunk on sin struck a chord today amongst the rabble I call friends.

The Countess of Brighton and Hackney goes Wig Hunting

I have bought some real hair at great expense,
more so to the shaved virgins it came from I guess.
Photos tomorrow when I hit Pompey with Romeo!

#pashaduvalentine #countessofbrightonandhackney
#goddamnmedia #dominartist #vextherapy #sextherapist

London Gets Kinky

You can't beat London for a night out!
And at least they know how to dress unlike the rest of the country.

A Price to Pay

 "There is a Price to Be Paid for Every Increase in Consciousness. We cannot Be More Sensitive to Pleasure without Being More Sensitive to Pain."

~ Alan Watts

Setting up the Goddamn Shop with George Michael by Pasha du Valentine

I am busy today setting up the Goddamn Shop where all my designs will be available on ready to hang canvases larger than elsewhere .
The print quality is great and delivery and order processing can be done in a week.

The Spirographs by Pasha du Valentine for Goddamn Media

I only did a few of these but am due to relaunch them. Spirograph was an amazing invention and I was obsessed with mine growing up.

London Calling, The Countess of Brighton and Hackney Goes to Soho

As you probably know I used to live in Hackney. My palace at the time was a squat in a Hackney tenement block. Good times. The filth and the grime and the punk riffs are deeply entrenched in my soul.

These days I am more prone to swankier climbs and later this week I am off to Soho to meet a friend.

I have a new camera and cannot miss the opportunity of some sly photography although I hate looking like a tourist and I doubt the streets are paved with the same vice as they were in the late 1970s, unfortunately.

Just how does one photograph gentrification? I hear the strip clubs are mostly gone and the oligarchs moved in.

Artistically I have always been seduced by the sins of the city. They have corrupted me over and over, in London and Johannesburg ....where I met the devil. And then there was Brighton where arrogant delusions of city status prevail above the sound of seagulls dying of overdoses on its pebble beaches.

The city is, for an artist, so filled with tension and despair that it brings out the blood of one's craft.

Sunday, 29 April 2018

A Dominatrix Made in England by Pasha du Valentine for Goddamn Media

These images are promotional shots for the new books taken by Skye
The top one is altered and added to using Gimp which lends itself
to comic strip styles of drawing. I love that I don't need a rubber although 
you can only delete a certain amount of changes so be aware as you go alomg
that you can easily loose stuff if you are being flaky about decisions.

Red is my colour of choice for the Book of Domination.
Red works in the boudoir, this we already know.
Pink is for pussies!

Therapy, Trauma, Feminism and BPD

My study for my psychosexual therapy diploma had brought me to a great podcast recently.

I found the podcast interesting as a feminist but also as a woman who was once under an emergency psych team after a serious stabbing in my home. The 'shrink' who cared for me at that time mentioned that I probably had BPD but I have never truly accepted the label: not as much as my kids seem to have at any rate. For them the convenience of describing me as 'batty' resonates only too well with this commentary. Moot points indeed.

I would say also that women artists who consistently attempt to break moulds, do things differently, protest, and vocalise desires, sexual or otherwise, are moving targets that dodge judgement bullets all their lives. Sometimes we get hit.

Have a listen, it is really illuminating and the speaker Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Activist Jay Watts  goes on to talk about trauma and the negative effects of therapy.

The Instagram Sessions Love Like You Mean It

Coffee, smut and barista bondage!

I feel somewhat inspired to launch a range of sexy coffee mugs today!
Or to start dating a barista....
Has to be way better than a barrister at any rate, unless you are 
in the middle of a case and need some free advice.

Here is one I made earlier available on Redbubble.

Pasha du Valentine is a British artist working in multi media artworks across alternative genres and new media.
Her studio is along the south coast of England where she leads a reclusive existence between public appearances.

Pasha's history on the London punk scene in the late 1970s and early 1980s can still be seen in her work which challenges protocol at every opportunity.

Today her work is more focused on feminist ideals of gender power and awkward or delicate equilibrium with performance and film under the banner of Dominartist.

Pasha's current work is using new media and experimental ideologies in the making of flat surface design using pixels and software to create dreamlike emotive and impact art. 

Saturday, 28 April 2018

Purple Circle by Pasha du Valentine for Goddamn Media

Working weekend went abstract and somewhat trippy with this headboard piece.

Purple Circle by Pasha du valentine for Goddamn Media now available at Saatch and from the studio.

Get in touch for orders.

Interior Design Wall Art by Pasha du Valentine for Goddamn Media

Red Boat by Pasha du Valentine for Goddamn Media available at Saatchi 

A Fellow Blogger with a Lot to Share (Trigger Warning)

I found a great art blog for those who need more than weekend telly and a drunken kebab.

I did wonder if there are any female artists who feel it necessary to kill animals for their art.
This was an upsetting read but the blog is marvelous.

Trump L'oeil by Pasha du Valentine for Goddamn Media

Another wall art piece from the days of Goddamn Tees when i was busy designing merchandise for Goddamn Media.

Future's So Bright I gotta Wear Shades

One of my all time favourites from Goddamn Tees by Goddamn Media now available directly through the studio as large wall art!


Inappropriate Pensioners and Euthanasia of Bad Ideas

I try not to think about getting to that age where my boobs are behind me as I run for the bus waving my free travel pass.

There has always been something to worry about in my life pretty much from birth...too fat, too thin, too ugly, too smelly, too bloody, too mental.....This is what girls do.

Now though, in my head, it is all about too old.
As I have a good figure I have started to worry about over-representing myself from behind. A tight leather mini skirt might be false advertising when viewed from the rear. Perhaps I should wear a GILF label so as not to upset the boys.

And as each year passes the weight of image and age will no doubt increase, this is my emotional burden. But, as your representative feminist, I will fight the good fight for aging sexuality along with proving a vital and vibrant mind is not the privilege of youth.

But this weekend I find myself apologising for the elderly. My counterparts. My pier group. My partners in crime.

The fuckers have let me down.

Yesterday at the Tory Club with mother I was subjected to an afternoon of racism that made me think I should probably just hang out at Wetherspoons after all.
Even my son is concerned about my fraternising with the enemy.

It started with banter about black doctors and progressed to discussion of an arrest of the village's only drug dealer who was 'of course' black. The racism was so endemic that sentences did not need finishing, knowing raised eyebrows, pouts, 'hmmms' and sighs were the tools of their disgusting communication. What was I doing here in this redneck backwater?

I couldn't be arsed to inform the guilty that half my family are black or people of colour. That the doctor called 'Precious' was far better educated than any of them could have ever hoped for even for their own kids, or that their bigotry and ignorance should be kept behind closed doors in their retirement homes where these attitudes could be earmarked for deletion along with their piteous existence.

Today I read an article about a performer in her late sixties on Britain's Got Talent who proved herself as a rock singer then failed miserably as a decent human being due to homophobic and antisemitic commentary. I hope she gets kicked off the show, despite the fact that I liked her leather outfit.

The idea that we forgive bigotry from our elders needs to stop. It really isn't good for anyone in an advanced intellectual society.

The idea that after retirement we can fester in our own outdated fecal matter is a poisonous one. Send these pensioners back to school, get them off the streets, make decent men and women of them because they are not dying as quickly as they used to and taxes could be better spent!

Friday, 27 April 2018

Bring On the Wonder-Susan Enan

Goddamn Web Site

Here is the all new shiny website that I am building. It is a slow process but I am proud of it even though it still requires much tweaking.

You can subscribe to emails which usually involve my more arty side with some smut for good measure.

Keeping things sexy and arty in paradise as always!

Online Dating and Stuff Lost in Translation

Over the weekend I decided I should probably start dating again.

I like dates.

I like coffee with sophisticated banter, leading to wine and raw dirty sex with the abandon of someone who just got awarded another fifty years of life because they got the cancer out in time.

I went on a well known app and had over a thousand men in one weekend.
It was seriously exhausting and I blame my cleavage, obviously, and some shiny PVC.
The men politely got in line and I struggled to remember names. After a bit I copied and pasted answers because the questions were so similar. Eventually I would only answer questions that were interesting. It doesn't take long before one gets bored of the queue. 

It was amazing how many great looking thirty-five year olds there are out there though a lot of them have beards and do look the same. It was a bit confusing even with my strong specs, and besides, facial hair makes me think of scrambled breakfast eggs.

I promise I did look at the over 50s (for about 15 minutes) before realising they were in a time warp of their own making and they should get to fucking gym! Call me old fashioned but whoever said that men over fifty have the right to let themselves go has opened the floodgates for extramarital affairs and age disparate sex.
Look, if you have been with someone for forty years and grown to love their farts then fair enough but I am starting from scratch here. I need to grow into a man and it takes work for both of us.

I would like the same grooming standards at least.

Anyhow, by Tuesday I was so stressed with all the attention I had an IBS attack. Then I slept badly because a date asked if I liked camping.

Being told by a 20 year old that he could 'sort me right out' was the final straw and I had to delete the app, at least until my tummy is better.

I am still trying to get over being told I look 'docile' by an Italian with a very bad command of English and I have whittled eleven hundred down to one (though he can't spell so I am already worried).

Thursday, 26 April 2018

Sex Therapy 1 by Pasha du Valentine for Goddamn media Available at Saatchi

Another of my open edition prints available at Saatchi today.
Also available signed and from my studio as a giant wall hanging canvas.

Zing Zang Zu by Pasha du Valentine for Goddamn Media at Saatchi

I can make this on giant wall canvas direct from my studio or
you get an unsigned version at Saatchi on line.

Sex Therapy and Sexpods

I am enjoying my roll as sex therapist more than any other position I have held, other than being an artist of course which is more of a reflex than a desire.

I find the subject fascinating and already have a waiting list for after my theses is handed in.

My specialist subjects are

Post Operative Couple Relations
Pleasure and Disability
Erotica for Couples
Safety in Sexual Practices

If you would like a consultation do get in touch.

Also I am launching the Sexpods which are mini podcasts with sexual therapy at the core. They will be on YouTube and on the video page of the site later today.

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