Saturday, 31 March 2018

Dressing up as a Dominatrix

photo courtesy of Rihanna 

Some days I want to feel the stiffness of leather around me. It gives a structure and it looks firm but is actually quite yielding.

Other days I am happy to wear nothing but PVC thigh high boots and rubber gloves.
I find the solicitors like that look.

from the Book of Domination by Pasha du Valentine
© Goddamn Media 2018

The range of fabrics for UK printing. Add 10% for my Designs

Textile Designs by Pasha du Valentine for Goddamn Media

Judging the Book by its Cover The Book of Domination

I am in the throws of turmoil as I attempt to design the new book cover for my next tome

the Book of Domination.

I rather like the idea of bastardising a holy bible, for obvious reasons, but I am suddenly aware of being judged and it affecting sales.

Being judged has never bothered me before but I do want you all to read it.

Of course there is another option.

As the world is my oyster and so is the internet as a means of production and communication, I could give readers an option.

The sexy bible blasphemy cover or the Enid Blyton version.

Life is better with choices.

forgive me my follies, I am amused....

Goddamn Textiles USA and Canada

It was an intense week in the studio with patterns and colour and other glorious things.
Honey, my cat. has been so jealous and has taken to trampling over the keyboard and any artwork I am doing. She got wet whiskers all over Einstein last night.

I offered to do free portraits on Facebook then saw the error of my ways after the first one. It took far too long as I became a perfectionist at my new methods of creating the giant canvases using a mix of techniques and equipment.

I am really getting to grips with the digital pen at last which has proved to be conducive to my drawing styles.

A night off as it is Saturday and I am booked for a vodka prior to the drama of next week wen I will share the drama of internal photography with you all as I have one more hospital procedure booked before I am free of all the prodding, poking and doctor abuse.

Look out for my new Instagram page for the textile department by the way.....patterns and textiles daily from my new shop.

Friday, 30 March 2018

My Einstein by Pasha du Valentine

My giant wall canvas of the glorious Albert Einstein.
The colours are beautiful and hard to see here.
All portraits are £999 through the studio and around £2000 
on the Saatchi site.

Giant Wall Art Portraits by Pasha du Valentine

My new portraits use a mix of colours and mediums and a combination of digital pen and more traditional markers.

I am even mixing pixels for an exciting a novel way to present the human faces of those we love.
Prices start around £2000 depending on which gallery you buy form but I am happy to negotiate directly from the studio which cuts out the middle man.

Here is my newest work.
Portrait of Ms Lucy Cooke
by Pasha du Valentine
Ready to hang stretch canvas.
62 inches by 85 inches

Taken from a small low res selfie.

Goddamn Media goes Private on YouTube

I should really thank YouTube for hosting my 2000 videos over the passed decade, for free; well it wasn't actually free was it?
I have given them a million and a half free episodes of pretty arty farty material which I guess I am quite proud of. I mean, getting the YouTube generation to engage in anything art based is no mean feat. (OK, I watch the cat ones too but then, so does my cat!)

But the time has come to hone in all that I do for the global public.

YouTube is for children or other underdeveloped minds.

I am bored of the endless whoring of my camerawork for the entertainment of the stupid morons who sit and get spoon fed entertainment, propaganda, and false information.

If you want to see any of the films you will need to be cleared for approval.
Mostly I will gladly share with gallery owners and students, oh, and obviously press because old habits die hard.

The archives of the last decade from Brighton Arts Club and Goddamn Media are fully intact so if you were ever involved do not despair, your history is alive and well. But you wont get to see it because one fine day I will either sell it or leave it to the kids.

If you are a historian looking for archival material or a gallery owner looking for video art please get in touch and I will sensibly oblige, depending on mood swings.

Diamonds are a Countesses best friend!

Pasha du Valentine Saatchi Port Folio

All purchases through Saatchi incur a sales fee.
I charge less directly through the studio.

Ethnic Textiles by Pasha du Valentine for Sarnia Cherie, Canada

I am pleased to be able to announce that my new designs are also 
available to clients through 

Today we launch the ethnic collection with inspiration from vintage 
weaved and crafted surfaces from around the world.

Yesterday I managed to source some gorgeous ethnic designs for the new fabric
store Sarnia Cherie. They are available now by the yard/metre with customer
customisation across all my fabrics.

More details here

Thursday, 29 March 2018

Portrait of Ms Lucy Cooke by Pasha du Valentine

Portraits are £999 and are 2 meter printed canvas wall art pieces ready to hang. Original sketches are available for £200 extra but purchase is entirely optional.
Portraits are rendered from an original on paper modified digitally.

Frilly Girl's Pants

personally I like to see a boy in my pants, preferably the lacy ones!

A Night at the Conservative Club

It is that time again....a celebration of ancient traditions over middle aged cabaret....A night of cheap vodka and cheap fashion at the local Tory Club.

Bring it on, this is my first real event since my little cancer episode so I want to celebrate in style.

Just getting some fashion ideas.

Giant Wall Art by Pasha du Valentine £999 each Approx 2 metres

Here are some of the banned art drawings I did last year in marker pen. All now available direct from my studio as ready to hang wall art on stretched canvas.
Dated and messaged for authenticity on the reverse.

For enquiries please get in touch on the contact page or through Whatsapp.

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