Sunday, 14 January 2018

Digital fetish animation and new wave digital pornogrphy

In my research for all things sexy in the world of Domination and Submission, I come across some fantastic traditional imagery and now in the genre of animated pornography.

I have seen some pretty wild animated porn around BDSM stuff where no one gets hurt, as such. 

Of course there is much debate about how damaging cruelty can be even in a make believe world and I certainly think that hard core violent gaming did have an effect on my son's perception of violence and how others would be affected by it.

Furthermore I do wonder if violence towards specifically women, even in a cartoon, is unhealthy for young men who we hope to grow to their full and socially acceptable potential.

I think the jury is still out on such things.

What will happen if child robots are made in the future for pedophiles?

At the moment I am looking at the world of digital animation in creative terms and I have to say, they are strangely arousing.

The one above, on Deviantart, is one example of erotic animation which somehow arouses reaction, negative or positive, and shows the power of erotic moving image even in childlike drawings.

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