Sunday, 31 December 2017

Notes on Carnal Pleasures by Pasha du Valentine

still in make up but making sure even my specs match

This is my pony.
He has a lot to carry but is designed to give pleasure to anyone who rides him. 

Pleasure while fucking is of course a multi sensual experience and the more senses that are stimulated, the better the fuck. Needless to say these senses will be stimulated through different organs.

The most important organ is of course the brain.
The brain is your main driving force, we all know this already I hope.

Visual stimuli is of great importance too and this is why, when unfortunate enough to fuck someone we are not stimulated by, we may close our eyes. (Don't panic, some people close their eyes every time for other reasons.)

Sound is another great stimuli and we tend to take this for granted. 

Whispers, story telling and music are rousing to giver and receiver but I recommend head phones for something a little different.

My pony likes alternating old skool punk and slow grinding reggae for a perfect fuck whilst simultaneously allowing the receiver to eat pussy with hands and feet tied.

Ride that cock horse through to new year with all your senses achieving full potential.

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No Animals Were Harmed in the Making of Pasha du Valentine's Outfit for NYE


just a small selection of options, I have many more
bu have reached a decision at last

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#thisgoddamnlife by Pasha du Valentine

the shoe cupboard overflow area
I have a few of these and am hoping
for a storage solution this year

gluten free chicken and posh carrots which are called Parisienne, 
but without specs actually thought they were Partisan carrots, which 
is why I bought them of course...
'vive la revolution sister'

the only leopard skin lacking in my wardrobe
was this from Poundland

a beard/merkin for one pound!

the entire award winning range of sex toys from Poundland
which I bought for my nephew and his wife;
wish someone had bought them for me now!

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Make Up, Tories and Leopard Skin

My love of leopard skin is no secret and has never been confined to under garments.

I have a son in law who is is very posh and has banned it from the household. 

I, fortunately, do not come under his jurisdiction, though as a mark of respect I would not wear it if I popped round. (To be honest, I have been banned myself.)

I am off later to celebrate yet another passing of yet another dramatic year with a gaggle of Tories and that fine upstanding establishment, The Conservative Club.

Appropriately, as it is a jungle out there, I will wear leopard skin in the hope of bringing down the government.

Photos to follow (I am still in the love bed) but here are a few to whet your hunting appetites.

Happy New Year to all those hunted and to the cougars, cuntesses and cream pie fanciers who have made this year so special for me. I love you all,

Countess Pasha x

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Bedlam in the Bedroom by Pasha du Valentine

This is the cover for my new music composition from an album of film score and ambient tunes for the coming summer. Think Cafe Del Mar meets Throbbing Gristle. 
I will be putting that music degree to good use at last and there will be a video to accompany the tracks for a real multimedia experience in the comfort of your own home cinema.

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Saturday, 30 December 2017

Bedlam in the Bedroom by Pasha du Valentine

Sadly I am locked out of all my Facebook accounts for bad behaviour which
impacts on my down time as there is nothing to moan about and no one to criticise.
It will mean though that I have plenty of  time to concentrate on the photography
for the book 'Conversations With A Dominatrix' which is in the edit all next week.
There will be bedlam in the bedroom!

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Another Family Event and Shopping with the Mothership

Today will be spent awkwardly trying to be as normal as possible whilst actually coming across as a complete weirdo with a section of family from Birmingham.

Yes Birmingham, they are visiting and I have great aunt duties to attend to.

Not sure I will ever get the hang of this elderly relative malarkey but at least I have shopping to look forward to in preparation for a new year's eve at the Conservative club.

I may wear head to toe leopard skin just to shake the old farts up a bit. 

I don't need to buy any....I have a wardrobe full already.


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Keep Fit with The Golden Dominatrix

My daily target of 100 sit ups has been reached with surprising ease and the keep fit regime continues in preparation for having half my innards removed next month.

Reports of post op weight loss go from 7 lbs to 21! (Check out this site for some awesome support, advice and even humour in the bleak world of women's plumbing

Get me into theatre immediately!

Health issues I notice are big business and my health articles far outweigh readers for even my sexiest nipple posts here on the blog.
The world is more obsessed with health than sex, FACT.

My article with my poopology chart is my most read piece in all my years of blogging.

The world is more interested in my poop than my tits.

I don't want attention because of my ill health, I want it for my art, or my nipples, one and the same of course.
No one wants health art do they?

Look, I am very close to an alternative health video series...I have a lot of time on my hands and I can't really do much till after the op so my mind is coming up with all sorts.

looking forward to my post hysterectomy body

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Friday, 29 December 2017

Quotes from The Golden Dominatrix by Pasha du Valentine

'I charge the same as a barrister, and I assure you I trained longer....'

from Conversations with a Dominatrix by Pasha du Valentine
(c) 2018 Goddamn Media/Pasha du Valentine

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Pasha du Valentine Gets a New Pony for When Her Friends Come out to Play

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Royal Clarence Boudoir of Domination and Submission the Home of The Golden Dominatrix

I am shopping for equipment today for the revamp of my beautiful boudoir in the new year.
And yes, you will be able to hire it for photo and film kinky fuckers!

I already have a bondage pony but he is secret till my launch video.

These are a bargain on Etsy, more hardcore than the Anne Summers fluffy ones.

These are in fact doll's house pieces but I adore them (and the floor).

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Let's Get Deep: Extreme Core Strengthening for Women

The Countess must prepare for the hysterectomy and these exercises are

very easy. My stomach is my washboard!

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This Goddamn Life by Pasha du Valentine

peace at the Palace with posh carrots for supper

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Quotes from The Golden Dominatrix

'Desire and love are equally intoxicating but you can sober up from desire and temporarily be distracted from it; it passes when it is satiated. When I am with a pupil he must not be distracted for a second from his desire of me. He must consider nothing else. My mission is to contain his every hope, dream, fantasy and whim within the interior walls. At these moments love and desire are one and the same, he will be unsure of the difference.'

from Conversations with a Dominatix by Pasha du Valentine
(c) 2017 Goddamn Media/Pasha du Valentine

some of my favourite play spaces

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