Friday, 3 November 2017

Trouble with Tinder and the older date

I decided to try some older Tinder unions so put the upper age limit from 35 to 55.

It was a massive leap and in retrospect I should have broken myself into the older gent more slowly.

It turned out to be a massive culture shock.

The ones in their thirties had become increasingly predictable. They wanted to be dominated, or they were interested but would never be dominated. I never mentioned domination but had one photo in a mask and I assume they checked out my other social media. Domination is neither a prerequisite or a promise on Tinder by the way.

(Domination and submission in a personal relationship is dependent upon many factors and can shift according to the dynamics of each relationship but I will save this lesson for another time).

Back to the over 50's.

The oldies (sorry) would fear to assume anything and refrain from asking about my sexual preferences. They were seemingly too polite to go there.
Instead they would pussy foot around the issue repeatedly asking what I do. I would say I was an artist one day and they would ask again the next and yet again five minutes later. I got bored repeating it.
What they wanted me to so say was
'I am an artist practicing the art of domination and submission and I will take control in the bedroom because you are mine' or something along those lines.

One gent, who was consistently polite I must say, talked regularly, as an introduction to our day, about the weather.

The fucking weather!

I had moved from 'beat me like your bitch' to 'you will need to wrap up warm'.

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