Thursday, 23 November 2017

Mazda Coupal fraudster on Tinder contacts the Countess

I have never been targeted by a fraudster who targets wealthy women before.

This is the most exciting thing that has happened to me for months!

I feel like I have finally arrived.

He found me on Tinder and is quite hot in fact. He has been chatting for a few days but wanted to call. I declined but gave my whatsapp as it is easier than Tinder chat. When he messaged it came up with the name Mazda Coupal. Not a very good con man is he?

I always google everyone, especially new people. Call me nosy, call me suspicious or just call me a journalist....I will take all three.

Anyway, Mr Coupal is all over tinterweb...hahahaha, nearly fell off the proverbial chair (throne actually).

I am thrilled to have been targeted and am amongst good company it seems. Professional women of substantial means are his prey and he poses as a doctor working for Doctors Without Borders.

I will be advising you all in the new book to google your dates.

Meantime I have not let on that I know and will keep you informed. I doubt he reads the blog.

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