Thursday, 23 November 2017

Grandma duties and battling with Anaemia, IBS and Celiac Diesease and the world's worst salad at Pizza Hut in Brighton

my lovely mum and I in the loo at the train station
oh what glamour

my gorgeous grandson and granddaughter,
cousins with the same hair and strong genes...

I am trying to recover from long term anaemia and am of course undergoing iron therapy which really is playing havoc with my digestion and aggravating my IBS. There seems to be a daily drama and can really get me down as I remember days of just being 'normal'.

Pizza Hut do a gluten free pizza but it had previously caused me great pain and I have found this before with apparently gluten free menus. I think some of the alternative ingredients cause issues with IBS sufferers so I now tend to avoid eating out.

I did have the salad which cost me £5.50. The bowl was tiny and all I could eat was some lettuce, a spoon of sweetcorn and a few slices of cucumber.

Nothing else was suitable for the Fodmap or gluten free diets so it was the most expensive and uninteresting salad I have ever eaten.

I have a tip though for my fellow sufferers!

I now always carry a bag of nuts and chuck a handful in my salad. This adds my protein element and some flavour and texture. Texture is a gift when you have been eating baby food for a while.

I also bought a bottle of wine which washed it all down with ease and because my body is now nine months gluten free my system does seem to be accepting a wider range of other foods again.

Best tonic of all was seeing my beautiful grandchildren. The emotionally contented mind will ably assist the body.

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