Thursday, 9 November 2017

Gluten Intolerance Symptoms

gluten hides everywhere

I am always bedridden after a bout of accidental gluten poisoning.

The first symptoms in my stomach are actually the least of my worries. The real problem kicks in a day or two later and lasts between three days and a week.

The symptoms are hard to explain but usually I experience,

constipation: the culprit meal actually sits for a few days in my gut and I can see it through my belly as a hard lump like a pregnancy at around 5 months

lethargy: I can't motivate myself and I feel utterly exhausted

pain: starts immediately in the stomach but then after day two I feel muscle cramps and joint pain, this is when I know it was gluten that I ingested

You need to be very vigilant about gluten as it can put the management of your condition back six months. After a year I am still making silly mistakes.

I recommend not eating out ever and always having some friendly food in your bag. Hunger makes you negligent!

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