Thursday, 30 November 2017

An Artist An Artist Children's Audio Book by pasha du Valentine

I wrote and recorded this for my beautiful granddaughter Scarlett. Please share with anyone
you suspect is an artist!

A great Night at the Sexual Freedom Awards

In my delicate state of health I have to admit to be worried about venturing on a train journey around the south of England but things went to plan for a change.

The awards were nothing short of epic! I met wonderfully talented individuals who were all highly intelligent and really challenging boundaries in their practice.

The playing field was completely level in a place where sex workers are treated with great respect and poets, writers, sex therapists, strippers, performance artists with disabilities, and fellow dominatrices mingled with ease and acceptance, something I have never seen before in other industries.

I was told off for taking photographs and didn't really understand why but once the performances began it seemed obvious.

One performer fucked a dildo on stage....brilliant stuff.

I will give a fuller account later today after some recovery time as the Countess is exhausted and the anaemia is reminding me to rest.

I will leave you with Tequila Rose who was one of many genius performers and made me want to get a pole.

Tequila Rose specialises in tradition stripper style pole and
is a successful businesswoman with a studio in 

Gosport Ferry

Brighton Rooftops

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Best event of the season

All fur coat and no knickers, the Countess travels incognito


Ferry and trains and travelling light

This Goddamn Life

The Countess will be leaving the PC at home today but will be uploading pics from the round trip to London and Brighton. 

Stay close.... there is adventure afoot in a very British manner x

The humble date.....managing celiac disease and IBS

My trials with food continue as I have been working hard to perfect my diet for nearly a year.

Yesterday I bought a date and nut bar, no sugar added, from Aldi.

I split it into four, ingested the first quarter, and waited...and waited....and waited a bit more.


I was thrilled because the iron therapy (I am triple dosing as per doctor's orders for my anaemia) is causing havoc with the Countess daily (not daily) motions.

I had the other pieces evenly spaced throughout the day. No pain, no discomfort, no near death experience. I slept well. All these things are new to me since I gave up gluten last Christmas after weeks of being bedridden. Over the previous five years I had suspected a range of ailments from yuppy flu to gas poisoning.

I am yet to punish porcelain today but fully expect the coffee and some deep breathing will get me there.

I believe that being gluten free is now allowing my guts to repair and my food range can widen. I missed dates almost as much as dating. However one must take these things slowly so if you are still working through your elimination diet, little bits at one time, no matter how scrummy it looks.

Finally picking up my cello and the Sexual Freedom Awards....Good Times!

Thomas Tilly, Charlotte Moorman performs Aria 4 of Nam June Paik’s Opera Sextronique, Düsseldorf, West Germany, October 7, 1968, Courtesy AFORK (Archiv künstlerischer Fotografie der rheinischen Kunstszene), Museum Kunstpalast, Düsseldorf

I sold my cello over a year ago when the Brighton Arts Club and Goddamn Radio Stations closed. It was a very sad day as I lost everything I owned in a matter of hours. Things happen so fast when the shit hits the fan!

Things improved steadily and although the club is now a thing of the past I am adapting to a new way of life without it.

I sold my cello to a friend because he liked the look of it and he is happy to let me have it back for the same price. So after the Sexual Freedom Awards I am off to Brighton to pick it up and I am so excited.

I am hoping that playing it will improve my neck pain which is excruciating at times. But also, I have lots of music to write for Art Throb.

My first degree is in music as well as a post grad and I suppose coming back to the town where I was brought up is having an influence on my musical desires. Also, it is so boring here I may as well play while I have time available.
I may even start teaching again when I file away the rust.

I hope to avoid salacious nude cello shots but let's face it, the bondage cellist has so much mileage.

There are loads of sexy cello performances on YouTube but here is one where the performer actually plays well....from Fish and Whips Cabaret with feeling!

and another where Syren sings above C.....I can't help being impressed!

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

This Goddamn Life

Pictures of Pasha du Valentine

My lovely new dress for the Sexual Freedom Awards tomorrow.

See you there I hope.

The Countess Pasha and Christmas Domination

I am offering private telephone consultation vouchers in the art of domination and submission in time for Christmas.

The specialist consultations are for a private one to one intimate conversation with the countess and client lasting no more than 30 minutes.

During the consultation my prospective client will learn how to be dominated and how to respond as my slave.

There may be tasks involved in order to raise the standard of the recipient from novice to intermediate level 1 in the fine art of submission.

The rules of conduct will be emailed before the consultation.

Payment for the lesson is through Paypal and is non refundable.

A certificate will be presented if required.

An ideal Christmas gift for the man or woman who has everything.

Pasha du Valentine on Redbubble

Braving the British Weather

Never underestimate the nip in the air!

The Sweeney

Quotes by the Golden Dominatrix

'There is nothing worse than a snivelling wretch first thing on a Monday morning.'

from the Great British secret by Pasha du Valentine
(c) 2017 Goddamn Media/Pasha du Valentine

Gluten, Anaemia and Sexual Freedom

Sexual Freedom Awards

The iron supplements at a rate of three per day are causing havoc with my IBS and it hasn't settled down after all these weeks.

With the event in London coming up tomorrow, the Sexual Freedom Awards, I am on a mission to be fighting fit and figure that one day of no iron won't kill me.

Honouring pioneers in sexuality, striptease artists, sexual service providers and their allies,
The event is a charity event with the proceeds going to an organisation who support sex for the disabled.

I have a new dress which is see through and my pale anaemic skin almost glows through it....fabulous! They said dress to impress after all.

I did try to contact the organisers about the celiac menu....if there is one, but to no avail. I may just stare at my plate longingly and get on the vodka and soda, which as we should all know, is basically potatoes and water and does me no harm.

Tickets for the dinner and the award ceremony are still available with the action occurring in Hackney, my old stomping ground of the heady punk days of course when the Countess found solace in the gutters of London with the tarts, cads and vagabonds that gave me so much pleasure.

Tickets, info and finalists can be seen here

If you can, get to the Hackney Showroom and say hello the wandering dominatrix, I am the pale and interesting one!

Monday, 27 November 2017

This Goddamn Life

Pinterest Remove One of Pasha's Images

I was told off by Pinterest but have no idea what the picture was that I shared.

May have been a piece of my art.

Anyway they told me that I am allowed to put up art if it would be seen at a museum....

OH...well one day I hope....

I guess it may have been the fake male masterbator vagina....though that should be in MOMA if you ask me!

Women and Robot Fear

There is a rumbling of female upset occurring over the rise of the sex robot. But ladies, we have been using vibrators for years and men have not complained. In fact, in my experience they were just grateful for some hepl.

Furthermore, although I do want a manbot as soon as they are off the manufacturing line and I have the money, I can't see them actually replacing a real man.

I will use the manbot for rigorous duties with speedy dexterity and continue my search for the man who fills me with daily surprises, smells like a human and gives me the grief I have been trained to respond to.

Besides, they wont ever make a manbot that satifies my dominatrix urges! Will they?

This Goddamn Life, the New Project by Pasha du Valentine

This Goddamn Life is my new series of creative everyday images without editing and without words.
The project carries on from the Instagram and Twitter art projects with the difference revolving around the editing.

Editing takes time and it also becomes an obsessive form of creative control. It can be very boring, for me as an artist at least. The capacity for extreme and yet narrow ranging edit possibilities on a phone particularly, make the end result predictive and the process unexciting.

The images for this project will be documentary pictures of my life unedited and using more traditional tools of interest to the artist like light and shadows, angles, etc and most importantly, narrative.

Primarily the narrative will a documentary of seemingly uninteresting images normally ignored in journalism or vanity photography. Expect still lifes and selfies with a not much accent on the aesthetic.

The images will naturally culminate in a later project.

playing with light

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