Saturday, 30 September 2017

Featured Writer VC with some Saturday Night Erotic Pros

Kitty Slut pt 1

I get a package to you.

It contains a small box and a note.  The note says:


Order a taxi for 7 p.m. this evening.
You must be wearing fuck-me pornstar heels, a very short skirt  and an extremely tight top.  Not one stitch of underwear is allowed.
A coat is permissible.
Once you are underway and have told the taxi driver your destination (the Marriott Hotel Regents Park) call the following number, 07956 586046"

You are tingling already and spend the rest of the day getting ready.  You can't help but make yourself cum in the shower just to relieve the tension. Finally the taxi arrives.  It is only on the walk to the taxi that you realize how wet you already are as the cool air reaches your pussy.  You are not used to these shoes and you can feel your lips rubbing together.  You have to try hard not to moan.

You are aware of the driver trying not to stare at you. After telling the driver where you are going you dial the number. Your heart skips a beat as you hear that it is ringing.
I answer: "do you have the box?"
You reply that you do.
"Open the box now."
You open the box.  It is similar to a jewellery case.
However, instead of finding a ring or a pair of earrings, you see a pair of  small chrome balls.
"They are Ben Wa balls.  Put them into your pussy now and tell me what you are doing as you do it."
You obey.  You describe to me the feeling of the cold metal against your lips.  You are so wet that they slip in very easily.  You catch the driver trying to get a look in the mirror.

You almost gasp as the movement of the car vibrates the small weights inside the balls.  A wave of pleasure goes right through you.

"I am with Miss B.  I want you to hear me licking and sucking her cunt.  You are not allowed to touch yourself at all.  Above all, you must not cum."

Quite clearly you can hear her moaning and sighing.

This is all bringing you to the edge and you can’t wait to arrive at your destination.

You tell me that you have arrived and I interrupt my exploration of Miss B to tell you which room number to come to.  You hang up.

You walk through the hotel lobby and are convinced everyone is staring at you.  You're new toys are driving you crazy and your pussy is dripping so much there is juice running down your thighs.  You are sure anyone could see it if only they looked.

You make it to the lifts.  An old man is in there and you can see he is mesmerized by you.  You lean forward slightly and your coat falls open enough for him to see the weight of your beautiful breasts.

You reach my hotel room and hesitate.  You are scared and thrilled at the same time.  However, your body is crying out to be fulfilled, to be used and abused and satisfied so you bend down, pick up the key jutting out from under the door and enter.

You can almost smell the lust in the air.

Miss B is sitting on my face and grinding herself into me.

Without any hesitation you find my swollen cock and start sucking.  You suck until I cum in pints.  You must swallow every last drop.  Before you even know what is happening, Miss B is wearing a strap-on and is butt-fucking you.  Your mind is in chaos, you can’t think, only react.

Finally, your body gives you the relief you crave and you explode

© VC 2017

Ms Poppy Cock with Suzy and the Suzettes by Goddamn Media Pasha du Valen...


Great British Secret ...a tale of violence, sex, honour and retribution. Written by Pasha du Valentine and published next spring by Goddamn Media. #pashaduvalentine #greatbritishsecret #goldendominatrix

'.....there had been many men. All ineffective, irrelevant, forgotten. At most all that remained was the foul taste of venom. At best there were the children.'

© Goddamn Media/Pasha du Valentine 2017

The Solicitor and the Dominatrix

GD text the Solicitor, 

I am going to give you a stroke on your bare arse with my crop for each time you fuck me off... we are up to 10 already. You wont be able to move because your wrists and ankles will be cuffed to the bench. I will do it hard because you're a little shit and I want to mark you. You will have to hide the marks from your wife and every time you sit down you will feel the smart and think of me, in court, at dinner.
Bring some nappy cream to help you heal. After that  I'm gonna fuck you like a bitch until you can't think straight. You'll be blindfolded and I will make you wear headphones with some fitting music. 
When you use your safe word.... it won't take long because you are pussy bitch, I'm getting you on the floor with your hands cuffed to your ankles and I'm gonna sit on your face and fuck your sore arse with my dildo. 

I'm not gonna let you come because you are a fucking slut who doesn't deserve my attention.

Men in Lipgloss

.....just the right amount of come bite me shine....

Friday, 29 September 2017

PJ Harvey - This Is Love

Christine and the Queens - Tilted / I Feel For You - Later... with Jools...

Nigel from Accounts from the Great British Secret by Pasha du Valentine

Nigel from accounts cried real tears and begged for some reprieve that he knew would never come. He had been in the dungeon many times before and he expected the worst as Mistress was running a very bad temper today, one of the worst he had seen in a while.

The Golden Dominatrix trod on the fingers of his left hand. He was cuffed to a floor bracket on the dungeon floor, fixed for Mistress’s pleasure.

He whimpered pathetically and it reminded her of herself all those hungry years ago.

‘Why the fuck doesn’t he man up?’ She thought. Nigel from accounts had no desire or intention to man up. He wanted to be a little boy, some days a little girl. He wanted the Golden rage, full throttle.

He came before his hour was up mostly because of the long black lace up boots that stretched up to the heaven of her thighs, so tightly clenched in her rage. He imagined he saw her pulsing vulva through his tears and his resolve to hold back broke.
Mistress kicked him hard in his bollocks and made him lick his own cum off her boot.

No one said it was a clean business.

© Goddamn Media/Pasha du Valentine 2017

Featured Writer Spot Khalil Goddard

Hearing Your Call I hear, I hear you call my name In the darkest part of your night When the shadows are crawling Up and over the walls of your mind You call me, you call me And I come running to you. Don’t let the horrors consume you That which is left behind From a thousand destroyed romances I can live with your vampirism Your need to suck the life out Of every lover you ever tried. I hear your call from the depths Of your fearful dreams Phantasms of the night love to dance With whatever is left of sanity Demons of desperation cry As you walk into night’s dark light. Khalil Goddard 17/03/17

Erotica Gallery on Instagram

Coffee by Pasha du Valentine

Crescendo without resolution from the Great British Secret by Pasha du Valentine (Trigger Warning)

The musician left, finally.

She looked in the mirror.

He had used the flat of his hands so there were no marks on her face.

There were however tell tale rings of burst blood vessels beneath her eyes, like bloody tears, from the repeated asphyxia. And her throat hurt from relentlous forced entry.

She put on an extra layer of make up to hide the damage. People would assume the swelling was form a night of partying not a night of rape.

© Goddamn Media/Pasha du Valentine 2017

Excerpt from the Great British Secret by Pasha du Valentine

She never fucked....fucking was for fools.

'I actually don't partake in sex ',  she had stated categorically. 

'Except in extenuating circumstances.' 

She caught his blue eyes and looked away.... 

'It is a dirty habit fit only for dogs and those of child bearing age.'

She got out the cane ready for the session and avoided any more eye contact.

© Goddamn Media/Pasha du Valentine 2017

Herstory rewritten with Gail Thibert

.......I was one of the first members of the famous Skin Two club. I think my membership was number 3!........

My friend Gail has a lot to talk about.
Here is her fundraising page which is almost at 100% and will get published if she reaches the goal so please share and tell your friends.
Goddamn Media is keen to support female oral histories particular genre specific ones and we all know how I feel about punk.

the Golden Dominatrix hits Frieze Art Fair

Frieze Art Fair London

I will be at Frieze on Sunday 8th October with artist Nico
Pop down and see us
I will be in full Golden Dominatrix attire
with my golden penis!

Featured Writer VC, The Hunting Party

The Hunting Party

“Oh my God, where do you think you're going dressed like that? Manning, see to her. And quickly. My Lord is almost at the Lodge.”

“Yes ma'am."

Manning, My Lady's head of the household walks over to you briskly and then roughly puts his hand down the front of your dress. With heavy fingers he quickly pulls your breasts up so that the nipple is very nearly showing. First the left, then the right. As he's doing it, he doesn't worry that his hard, gnarled fingers press and flick your sensitive tips. You can't help it, but you give a little shudder.

“Better. Now hurry girl." The mistress says.

You grab the tray of drinks and make your way outside into the chilly air. Your dress is heavy, but, as instructed, you're not wearing any underwear, so very soon the coolness reaches the slight moistness between your legs. The thought of what may happen at the Lodge makes you even wetter.

You walk through the courtyard and up the short path to the outbuilding. Hot, steaming horses are tied up outside.

As you reach the door you hear someone bellow, “where the hell is that little bitch? We're thirsty, dammit."

You go in with the drinks, flustered and apologising. As you pour the drinks, you say “I'm so sorry My Lord. You gentlemen must be freezing."

You hand the drinks to Lord John, his friend Squire Luke and the young Lord Matthew, John's son, not much more than 17.

John takes the drink and says “start a fire."

Immediately, you go to the fireplace, kneel down and start placing the kindling. The two older men gulp their drinks and stare at your shapely arse. As you're bending over, your breasts are nearly falling out. The young man hasn't seen you before and he's almost hypnotised by your heavy mounds. John notices this and says to you, “I think my boy is in need of warming up first."

At last. Your pussy has been aching all day. Just waiting for this. Still on your knees, you turn to the young man. He's still staring at your cleavage. “Well, go on man!" John says. The boy is frozen. “Help him, you little slut, otherwise we're going to be here all day."

Eagerly you unbutton his breeches and take out his young cock. Looking him in the eye, you take him into your mouth. Immediately, it grows in your mouth and the boy starts moaning. You run your tongue up and down the shaft, feeling the throbbing growing. His breathing is harder now and you can begin to taste saltiness of his pre-cum. You know he can't control himself, so he is going to explode in your mouth very soon. Then you feel his balls tighten, he gasps and shoots a massive load to your mouth. You don't like to swallow, but Lord John won't let you spit it out. But you have no time anyway. The boy has barely removed his cock from your mouth when John grabs you by the arm and drags you to the long seat.

Roughly he pushes you down onto all fours. “Let's see if I can find a warmer place for my chap." He throws up the back of your dress, exposing your white arse and slippery pussy. With no ceremony he thrusts into you. “Well come on Luke. I think we have to spit roast this little piglet."

Luke doesn't need a second invitation. He pulls out his huge slab of a cock and shoves it into your mouth. You can barely breathe between the heavy thrusting from behind and the massive mouthful. Luke reaches down and completely pulls out your heavy tits from the dress. They sway crazily with every thrust from front and back. Out of the corner of your eye, you can see young Master Matthew bringing his young tool back to life.

As the older men use you, in between their grunts they talk idly about the hunt. You're nothing to them. You can feel John getting closer to his climax. He's getting faster. His breath is coming harder. Like a good girl, you try and help him by pushing back onto him, arching your back and slightly parting your legs. Your cunt juice is a river down the inside of your thighs. If you could talk you would be moaning with pleasure. With a few extra grunts John cums inside you. You feel the hot sticky mess slowly seeping out, mixing with your own juice. As John staggers back to another chair. Luke takes his cock out of your mouth and tells you to turn around. Instantly you obey and present him with your wet cunt and in one movement he pushes deeply into you. You gasp as it fills you. He sets up a long hard rhythm and you almost want to scream with pleasure. You can see Matthew more clearly now and you can see he has become hard again. Urgently rubbing himself as he watches the older man service you. John can see Matthew's excitement too and he mutters, “glaze those pretty jugs…"

But he can't yet, because Luke isn't quite finished, although he is close... The rhythm is getting faster and you can feel his huge balls slap into your thighs. You're going to cum too, it's going to rip right through you…

With a huge spasm he shoots and at the same moment you scream in gorgeous agony.

“Now Matthew." John says.

Even though your legs are still shuddering you manage to kneel down on the floor in front of the young man. You put your hands behind your back and offer him the lovely expanse of your pale breasts, little beads of sweat running down your cleavage. He can't hold on very long and an impressive jet of hot jizz spurts onto your tits. The force of the orgasm makes the young man stagger back and he collapses to sit on the floor. The two old men are still out of breath.

You are not allowed to move. They look at the sticky slutty mess that you have become. Then all of a sudden, you're discarded. “Drink!" Demands Lord John. You scamper to your feet, adjust your dress, being careful to cover your breasts, but only to nipple level and then pour some more drinks.

John takes a long drink from his goblet and then says, without looking at you, “start the fire, then call us when food is ready."

As you crouch in front of the fire, the last drops of your Master's spunk seep out and you give an involuntary tremble. But everyone is asleep and they have already forgotten you.

© VC 2017

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Domination Skills

GD had honed her skills over many years.

She preferred a naive client who was new to BDSM. The journey taking them through each step of the dark way was actually a turn on for her. She moulded them and made them hers over time. Increasing their pain, the need in the stomachs and loins, agony both emotional and physical, at a steady rate.

The incremental creep of sexual darkness, where angels and light dare not go.

© Goddamn Media/Pasha du Valentine

from the Great British Secret

Any Old rope

You don't need fancy clothes, a bit of old rope should do.

Japanese bondage

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Naka Akira's show at Toubaku
Kinbaku (緊縛) means "tight binding," while Kinbaku-bi (緊縛美) literally means "the beauty of tight binding." Kinbaku is a Japanese style of bondage or BDSM which involves tying a person up using simple yet visually intricate patterns, usually with several pieces of thin rope (often jutehemp or linen and generally around 6 mm in diameter, but sometimes as small as 4 mm, and between 7 – 8 m long). In Japanese, this natural-fibre rope is known as asanawa (麻縄); the Japanese vocabulary does not make a distinction between hemp and jute. The allusion is to the use of hemp rope for restraining prisoners, as a symbol of power, in the same way that stocks or manacles are used in a WesternBDSM context.[1] The word shibari came into common use in the West at some point in the 1990s to describe the bondage art Kinbaku. Shibari (縛り) is a Japanese word that literally means "Decoratively Tie".[2]

Quotes from the Great British Secret

'I just want you to let me break your heart, is that really too much to ask?'

the Golden Dominatrix Great British Secret

© Goddamn Media/Pasha du Valentine 2017

Some Goddamn Scottish radio with guest Jordan and my mate Dennis Ramone

My mate from north of the border, Dennis Ramone....another fab show....not sure I agree about Rod Stewart though!
Good to hear Jordan....nostalgia beats hard in my heart.

For the best in indie, punk, ska and reggae; tune in to the Clampdown with Ramie Coyle. Saturdays, 1-3pm, on CamGlen Radio. Featuring a live set from Shane and telephone interviews with Jordan & Ray Gange.

Goddamn Media tees and phone covers....what next?

I know I know....the murky incremental creep of corporate design bleeds into art yet again....

Look we are still holding onto cool but the corporation fights from the inside, honestly.

Goddamn Media is responsible for the new merchandise for the Golden Dominatrix to be launched ready for Christmas.

Tee shirts, mobile phone covers, and duvet covers....whatever next?

The Death of the Selfie Show

One of the most exciting things about being an artist is putting a show together and this show is especially exciting as I am lucky enough to be working with some real talent. I don't know how they found me but they did!

Only 2 weeks to go....hope you can make it. I haven't been properly out for months as I have been working so hard and I have no friends in the village so absolutely cannot wait to see you all and basque in the glory of the other artists who are really putting me to shame!!!!

I believe they will be killing me off as part of the show...I cannot tell you how very excited and privileged I am.....see you there.

What's On London Brick Lane Gallery

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Edward Davenport 33 Portland Place

The Countess will be at Portland Place next month

Dreams of Miss X - Shadows

Filmed at 33 Portland Place where I will be staying on Halloween

THE JK GENERATION by Goddamn Media

My Mother's Clothes, pasha du Valentine for Goddamn Media

CIGARETTE by Pasha du Valentine for Goddamn Media

Still Breathing (episode 3) A Royal Wedding

CIGARETTE by Pasha du Valentine for Goddamn Media

Freshly Dried, Horror Movie by Goddamn Media, Dir, Pasha du Valentine

The Model Millionaire by Oscar Wilde

Freshly Dried, Horror Movie by Goddamn Media, Dir, Pasha du Valentine

'The Coat' the story of a magic coat by Goddamn Media

Aum by Art Throb

Yesterday's Lemonade by Art Throb

Alternative Wedding Fair at Brighton Arts Club by Goddamn Media

An Artist by Pasha du Valentine

Ford Capri by Art Throb

Robots will never replace dominatrices unless they malfunction....

There is much talk of robots these days, male and female but I reckon the dominatrix is safe due in part the unpredictable rages that are part of our daily routines....unless of course they malfunction.

This poor robot was abused it appears by men who were 'barbaric'.

They need their arses whipping even if it was a doll....she cost £ up your pocket money boys because if you behave like that you don't deserve a human.

I see Love Honey do a vagina in a tin at a fraction of the price, saves looking into her eyes.

Poundland and Sexy

Not only do Poundland have a great selection of masks (see portrait from earlier)
but they also do sexy quite nicely!
*heads to Poundland immediately

Goddamn Media

Goddamn Media is the publisher for the new book The Great British Secret by Pasha du Valentine.
Check out the GM blog for all the media, radio and TV we get up to.

Instagram portraiture, the rise of the selfie

The newest artwork by Pasha du Valentine is an ongoing project under the pseudonym
the Golden Dominatrix on Instagram.
The images will make up a large piece of art later in the series.

Portraits of the Countess of Brighton and Hackney and the Golden Dominatrix

Portraits of the Golden Dominatrix (C) Ines Solé and Nico Milk — at The Brick Lane Gallery.

Portrait of the Golden Dominatrix by Pasha du Valentine

Death of a Countess

Marilyn Manson - Tainted Love HD 720p (best quality)

Portrait of the Golden Dominatrix AKA the Countess of Brighton and Hackney

Erotica for the London Exhibition at Brick Lane Gallery by Pasha du Valentine (the Golden Dominatrix)

The Golden Dominatrix will be selling art at the show 
which is at the Brick Lane Gallery in London on the 12th October.

Sex Toys and Lipstick

Received my first sex toys for review for the new show 
'Great British Secret'

I will be reviewing and chatting to a kinky couple so look out this weekend for the link.

The Postman knocked twice

Pasha du Valentine
Author and presenter of the Great British Secret

The Golden Dominatrix on Tears

'I love it when they cry but best of all is when I break their hearts....'

the Golden Dominatrix 2017

Goddamn TV

It is a busy week ahead as the TV channels get tweaked and we are in the edit suite for the launch of the Great British Secret.

Pasha du Valentine, in a vague attempt to keep it clean, will be chatting to a couple about their kinky experiences for the new show which is a spin off from the book by the same name by Pasha, due for release next year and published by Goddamn Media.

Also this week Goddamn TV is lucky enough to interview Brighton band SOUTHWESTSIDE!

And one more thing for your attention.....Pasha and her mum will be vlogging for the Still Breathing series. Two ladies with very different outlooks discuss various topics that affect their lives, some important and some frivolous.

Busy Goddamn week!

Mother and daughter team Pasha and Yve discuss 
life's foibles and idiosyncrasies in the new TV show 
'Still Breathing'

Breakfast and Beyond with Punk Radio!

I was so pleased to wake up to great coffee and this from my mate Dennis Ramone!

For punksters and others worldwide....the radio lives on! Play is loud my Goddamn friends.

And what a great chat with the great Jah Wobble!

Really amazing show with some of the real men of punk.....

Jah Wobble

Joe Strummer

Take Some Time Out What's On London 12th October

Pasha du Valentine AKA the Countess of Brighton and Hackney is the subject of the artists who explore the phenomenon of the selfie.

Pasha takes the concept of faking a personal reality to improve status one step further and asks why women need to adopt 'an other' to gain power and equality in contemporary society. 

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Pasha du Valentine on Facebook

Video Killed the Radio Star, the next phase for Goddamn Media

The transition from radio production to TV has been difficult as I was so fond of the radio model.

It has been hard to let go.

Running the non profit radio station has been a labour of love but is not sustainable in the current economic climate. Even setting up funding platforms and general fundraising is a full time job.

I have decided to video all interviews from now on with my Skype widget and to incorporate band videos, more work but more YouTube interest as the MTV generation expands and reproduces!

Get in touch with me to get involved

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