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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Skype and Spreaker have free facilities worth using

Goddamn Radio did a live podcast via Skype at this fortnight's Shine So Hard in Brighton. A few glitches but all good stuff from Brighton's very best poets. I will add a list of all performers asap.
Shine So Hard has a facebook page so check them out....a good night with an open beer policy!

Considering Skype and Spreaker are free if you get the basics, I think we did a pretty good job with the Brighton link up.
I would be up for doing it again with other events too as the Goddamn studio is in a remote location at the moment as we focus on film editing with Real TV Brighton.

Contact Pasha at if you have a proposition. Bear in mind that we prefer an exchange of ideas with no budget for the live shows....keep it creative or of interest to creative people. There is an entire sub sect that is being marginalised by mainstream media and Goddamn Media is recording their activities for the future generations.

Here is the list of performers from Shine so hard for these segments. Many thanks to each and every one.

I can't remember what order they went on, but the list is: Ossian Radovini, Sam Shambles, Rowena Davies, Alice Purnell, Miranda Ryder, Step Towanson, Benjamin Thomas, Gary Huggins, Alex Proctor, Kiefer Holland, Alanna, Paul Crompton, Adrian Jameson. Oli Spleen, Adam Vapour Vox, Adam Pullen, Jade Marie, Bill, Louisa Tomlinson and Karen Withecomb

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