Friday, 30 January 2015

Goddamm Radio needs me

Just got told I shouldn't be thinking a certain way. Seems to be a trend at the moment. ....telling me what to think and telling me off for having a particular viewpoint. I do think it is a feminist issue as the world gets used to us 'silly women' having viewpoints. Whatever next....Israeli friends at lunch, sopporting the right to have a fair trial even for wife I start  radio station that challenges some  Daily Mail standards. ...oh wait

Vs up Friday

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Artists Exhibition Space Brighton

Goddamn Media is situated in central Brighton close to train and bus links directly between two universities and on a night bus route.
Our gallery is perfect for mixed or solo shows with a basement for your private view and after party which is the pride of Brighton Arts Club.
We charge £200 a week and supply everything you need for your private view.
Our cafe is open all week along with our now famous cat cafe.
For a chat about your exhibition please call Pasha du Valentine on

Cat Cafe Brighton

We were closed for a month or so as Brighton Arts was closing for Christmas but we have a new home for Boy Cat and Girl Cat in Lewes Road by the post office.

We open at midday til 4pm at the Goddamn Media Art Gallery every Saturday.

Pop in if you speak kitty and let us tell you about our up coming feline exhibition.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

The Sun was always a stupid tits up disaster

Who gives a flying fuck about the Sun?....I wouldn't clean my windows with it...tits or none.....used the Mail for that yesterday at GMHQ .....not a single crappy proletariat uneducated word was read. Do people care still about tits? Ask yer mama to show you hers you fucked up imbeciles

Monday, 19 January 2015

Shop Sign is finally up

St Vincents Charity Shop Lewes Rd

Leather shorts size 12 £7

Photos from the launch....

Thanks to for these awesome images

Free Cake

Bought a new laptop and phone for the new business.....staff issues prevail as two have let me down. I need someone lovely and vibrant who is happy to be on live stream tv.....take away mostly and explaining what we do. Two hours per day midday till 2pm.... £7 per hour Monday to Friday.

Popping down in a bit to sort out more seating and give some cake away!

Friday, 16 January 2015

Goddamn Media Press Release

Goddamn Media Press Release

This Saturday (January 17th) sees the launch of Goddamn Media: A live 24-hour reality TV experiment, web channel, crisp sandwich cafe and pop up dry bar on Lewes Road.

Goddamn TV will stream the comings and goings at the venue, with audio, to all corners of the globe. Inspired by the success of Tokyo's USTREAM project, founder Countess Pasha du Valentine wanted to merge the platform of reality television with Brighton's vibrant cafe culture. Customers will be informed upon entry that their every move is broadcasted around the world.

She says: "The future of reality TV - and documentary as a genre - is no editing whatsoever. This is a reality show where everyone is given equal coverage, from the vagrant to the Queen, as long as they come in for a crisp sandwich."

Goddamn Radio features live productions, panel shows and DJ sets linked to clubs in New York. Lined up for the first panel show on Friday 23rd are dominatrix Ms P, Gibran Registe-Charles, stylist to the stars, and Justin, a professional shoplifter (who will have to leave early due to his tag restrictions).

As well as a wide range of crisp sandwiches the Goddamn Media Arts Cafe, open 8am til 6pm Monday to Saturday, will serve rum porridge and breakfast with cigars.

The dry bar on Thursday evenings follows in the footsteps of Brighton Arts Club's Tea Total, Brighton's first - and still only - completely non-alcoholic bar, set up by the Countess last year (see PDF attached for the story in The Argus).

Live acoustic performances ranging from jazz to unplugged rock will compliment visiting exhibitions from around the country.

Countess Pasha du Valentine says: "In Brighton I have at my disposal a host of talented artists and musicians - and some very bad ones. I have to sit through all of them to find the best ones for Goddamn Media."

The launch begins at midday at Goddamn Media, 8 Lewes Road, Brighton, BN2

Launch Party Preparations

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Talented Journalists or Artists Required

The Goddamn Media blog needs input from talented people all over the world.
Anyone can submit aticles and drawings or if you would like to be a features writer or columnist get in touch with us and discuss the possibilities.

We welcome writers and creatives from all walks of life.  Do not be put off by editorial or pre producton problems as we can work around them if need be.

Goddamn Media is interested in realism, honesty and raw creativity as much as intellectual debate.

We want our journalists to come from the gutters or the pulpits.  We have no bounds other than a fundamental belief in feminism, secularism and race equality.

Pasha du Valentine Artist's Statement

I paint and stick and colour and photograph people. I like documentary. I never do studio shots. I want to record everything with true emotions so that when people look at my work they will feel what was there, what occured and who the sitter was. Goddamn Media attempts to do the same using radio, tv and exhibitions. There is no real agenda other than my attempt to reveal the truth. Not a truth about politics or religions or people's truth. That is what sustains me. You are all free to walk passed or to engage with what I do.

Monday, 5 January 2015

Garage Sale Brighton

We are having a massive garage sale this Saturday. We even have a grand piano for sale.
Stalls are £10 and we kick off at midday until 5pm.
Cafe will be open too so come and hang out for a few hours with the crew and put the world to rights whilst selling your rubbish.  You know you want to.

Thank God its Over. Welcome to the New Order.

Possibly my worst Christmas in 52 years from which I am permanently scarred.
The day itself was awash with digs and subtle abuses from a bitter and twisted parent who really renaged on all her maternal responsibilities. The food and location at least were second to none and obviously I had seconds....or thirds.

New Year was just as bad as I hosted a party for all of Brighton's drunks and vagabonds.
Is it over? Are we there yet?

Yes we are.
Welcome to the new order.

Garage Sale Brighton

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