Sunday, 28 December 2014

Taxing Stuff

So I just registered Giddamn Media for tax! I'm feeling excited and grown up. Not long now kids till we open the cafe and radio station in Lewes Road Brighton.

Our launch is tentatively booked for 17th of January though we are dependent upon solicitors who are still enjoying their Christmas holidays.

I will keep you posted as we go live on both Goddamn TV and Goddamn Radio during the afternoon of the 17th and we will have a great party with live music by Disgracelands, designer cakes by Buttercream Bakery and some of my infamous cocktails from the BAC days.

God Arrested


Prizes? What's that about? Some mediocre, run of the mill, narrow minded, commercially driven, non thinkers with a hidden agenda decide one human being is better than another. Woooo....thank God I never got one of those!

Sissy Boys and Men in Frocks get free shots New Year's Eve Brighton

The Countess will be working the bar at BAC on NYE in order to get down with the proletariat and touch men's hands whilst change giving.
As part of an initiative to increase glamour in Brighton the Countess of Trash will also be giving free shots to boy bitches in frocks.

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Awesome Graffiti

New Seats for the Goddamn Media Arts Cafe

What to do New Year's Eve in Brighton and London, Old School Warehouse Party

Well I have almost run ragged this year making the Brighton Arts Club the coolest place in our lil old city. But the time has come to bid farewell to all who sailed in her.

Tickets also available on the door. Party will go on till the djs die as we have a licence for New Years day till midnight. 

The leaving do will be talked about for many years to come but the lock in will probably scar you......hope you bitches are man enough.....see you there x

Need a warehouse to rent London Brighton?

Des Res for a Countess

Friday, 26 December 2014

Boxing day and peace on the front line

Well I am about to dive in with the cats and a Malibu cocktail.  Great feedback today from all my pr and looks like I have the panel of gobby knowalls ready for Goddamn Radio's weekly broadcast about the state of the nation. How will I reign them in?

Tea Break Countess Style

Private VIP members of the Goddamn Media lounge will enjoy the Countess spoils.....bottoms up! Spoons (purchased from Maceys NYC) and butler's bell both gifts from Buttercream Bakery and bling headphones from Kitten Skye of Killing Kittens. I know such swanky people.

Bathtime at BAC

Not long now till these stolen moments between events will be part of a distant past.

Songs from the Turret

Well I'm glad that's over. It was a debacle as I fought for sanity and respect amid the madness that is now the right of elderly relatives. Thank goodness for the beautiful surroundings at Buttercream Farm and for the excellent table fit for a Countess and her entourage.

I am fit now for the new year as I attempt to clear the BAC building for the farewell party next week.

Now I fancy a rest in the hot tub and a Marlboro, two of life's remaining pleasures.

New Year's Eve at Brighton Arts Club

All welcome to our leaving do next week. Come share in some dirty tunes with the most amazing djs I had the absolute pleasure to work with over the past two years!

Friday, 19 December 2014

Russel Brand Sex Scandel

Coco Deville

Performer, comedian, choreographer, dancer, model, award winner.....move over bitches for you cannot compare to yet another of our Brighton talents, the awesome Coco Deville!

Songs from the Turret

I had to get up early as I was offered money to open before midday....11am to be precise. I can now officially say that I don't get up for less than a hundred quid.

Anyway there is a film Crew downstairs and Mark Williams will be in the scene apparently. I am hiding away in the boudoir minding my Countessy business.

Another film crew is due at 5pm to make a music video. How has this happened? Has the party palace reached the dizzy heights of 'cool'? Of course it has.

Happy Holidays

Daytime Hire Band Rehearsals and Video Production

Our fees vary according to requirement but here are some guidelines.

Full day video production £200
Half day video production £100

Band rehearsals £20 per hour.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Brighton Party Venue Hire Fees

Hire fees at BAC Providence Place

6pm to 12 midnight £100
6pm to 2am £150
6pm to anytime after 2am £200

We can let the party go on no later than 6am although most run out of steam before then and we are dependent on bar takings etc.

No entry before 6pm under any circumstances.

Gig prices and paid events may have different fee structures.  Call Pasha to discuss you requirements.


Black Christmas (The Gift of the Magi)


Ruminations from the Think Tank

We are on target for the launch of the media cafe in Lewes Road and our big party is booked for the 17th of January. The media cafe will be Brighton's only centre for avant guarde fine arts and performance as well as the headquarters for a new exciting and independent radio and TV station. Contracts pending as planned and no drastic problems foreseeable there will be no change for the date set.

What of our other venue at Brighton Arts Club in Providence Place? We have extended our lease until April and will cotinue to host events there which would be too loud for the media cafe. Gigs, theatre and parties for up to 200 people will still be hosted by Pasha and the team as we have been doing for over two years at what has become Brighton's most alternative underground venue and playground.

Please get in touch for questions about the future of BAC and Goddamn Media.  Full steam ahead Brighton!

The joys of running a bar

Furniture Bondage

Cunt Scrabble by Paula Sigley

A recent photography session at the Goddamn Media party palace saw a rabble of less than perfectly behaved burlesquers, known as Sugar Kicks, remove their clothes for their annual calendar.
The motley crew, who I know well, were photographed in various waves of non splendour one Sunday as we all waited for the alcohol to wear off and real life to kick the door down on Monday morning.

I wouldn't bother buying the calendar (but then why should I, they are here a lot and often naked?) However,  I should mention the amazing Paula Sigley who paints the scrabble canvases for £50 piece. The CUNT is a mere £200 then and well worth it methinks. 

The chair is mine!

The Lounge Brighton

Shuh size 7

Tenner pdsa London Rd

En Pointe!

How did this happen?

Groans from the Cellar

A terrible week for sleeping has failed to break me and I am truly uplifted by the arrival of the cello. A mere student piece but in a hard case that evaded next day delivery some three weeks ago. It's apologetically late arrival marks the start of Art Throb, the resident alternative orchestra at Goddamn Media HQ in the new year. To join one does not need to be experienced, rather more brave, experimental and shameless.
We will rehearse weekly.

I am preparing today for two filming sessions tomorrow, one with a famous actor. Don't come hanging, this is the job for which I am trained.

Then I have to throw a party....sigh....not another fucking party . Yes another one dears.

No booze for the Countess though until Saturday when Club Dark puts the lights on low and hides the keys. I will be at the bar in the German hat and boots; you may say hi though I will probably ignore you.

New Cello for Art Throb

Our new cello has arrived ready for Art Throb the alternative orchestra at Goddamn Media.....bitches love that shit!

Painting with glass

Check out @OMGFacts's Tweet:

Wednesday, 17 December 2014


Kitty Kuddles

The boxer kiss

The Kiss. Box. Mike Bernardo vs. Jeromy Le Banner…:

Butch Birds

Dv8 play BAC

Christmas Tips

Don't make sexist judgement calls....ask first kids!

Tips for Christmas

Currently attempting to do all the Christmas shopping from the bubble bath at the palace. At least I have moved out if the French imported bed, every little movement helps according to my personal trainer.
If I get outbid on this I will have a diva fit.It is cold and raining and the proletariat have swarmed shopping areas!

Facebook? Question Time? Twitter?

Kurt Cobain the Feminist

Spliff Richard at Brighton Arts Club Thursday Open Mic

Twitterings from the Belfry

Another drizzly day in paradise and a week till Chrismas eve apparently.  Sigh......
Well at least Kitten Skye is on the mend and in other good news I got me a tannning tent and spray kit!
Also am getting an octopus tripod camera stand thingwingypressy for my camera and will start the video blog after the new year death party. I call it death party because some of us may die getting through it.

I had Earl Grey for breakfast as the coffee ran out. It was ok.

Personal trainer about to arrive so catch you all later.

Some Wednesday Vice

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

DV8 Play BAC

DV8 Play Brighton Arts Club

Wine will be served at GM hq of course

Paws and Ears

The Goddamn cats are saying sleep tight.....don't be fooled....they sleep all day so they can keep me up all night!

DV8 at BAC

DV8 at Brighton Arts Club

If you were a drug

Sheltered from the rain

Cat Scratch

BAC Scratching:

Piano and Bowie

Patrick Pianistic:

Young Boys

Bootleg TV the young boys:

Girls doing it for themselves

DV8 girls do it proud

Awesome talent from Brighton's DV8
Sound checking for tonight's show case

Today in Paradise

Countess privileges have been exercised accordingly and the empire seems in safe hands for a shopping spree in the Lanes with the delightful founder and owner of Buttercream Bakery.
See you the other side of selfish regret.

Box of shit

Happy Birthday to Amy Lou-Williams

Founder and designer at Sacred Latex celebrates her birthday today. GM  wishes her all the best and lots of spray shine in the future.

Dixie Dread

Long term associate of BAC, alternative performer and now mother, Dixie is another face of Brighton who we love and cherish.

It's a girl boy thing

Shoreditch can go suck eggs

Monday, 15 December 2014

Check out @goddamnmedia's Tweet:

Bike, episode 4

The Countess of Brighton and Hackney in Thigh Length Boots

trailer for the ballad of 9/11

clip from Ostinato


Handy Mandy Puts Up A Shelf

No Quarter (Pound Burger)

Handy Mandy hangs art at Brighton Arts Club

Still Breathing (episode 3) A Royal Wedding

Still Breathing (episode 2) 'A Busy Life'


'The Coat' the story of a magic coat by Goddamn Media

THE JK GENERATION by Goddamn Media


CIGARETTE by Pasha du Valentine for Goddamn Media

Freshly Dried, Horror Movie by Goddamn Media, Dir, Pasha du Valentine


My Mother's Clothes, pasha du Valentine for Goddamn Media


fetish postcards erotic art and Margaret Thatche…:

Ms Poppy Vock

Ms Poppy Cock with Suzy and the Suzettes by Godda…:




CIGARETTE by Pasha du Valentine for Goddamn Media:

God Save the Queen

god save the queen by Pasha du Valentine for Godd…:

Spankie Panty

SPANKIE PANTIE at the Guerrilla Fashion Show Brig…:

JK Generation

THE JK GENERATION by Goddamn Media:

Hsndy Mandy


Acid Sex


Freshly Dried

Freshly Dried, Horror Movie by Goddamn Media, Dir…:

My Mother's Clothes

My Mother's Clothes, pasha du Valentine for Godda…:

Situations Vacant Brighton

Goddamn Media is currently on target to relocate to Lewes Road in Brighton soon after the new years eve extravaganza at Brighton Arts Club.
Our new radio station will also be launched with the launch date being 17th January.

If you would be interested in hosting your own weekend broadcast please get in touch. We will be asking a small fee of around £20 per hour for broadcasts as a token towards running costs. We invisage extending the live and recorded weekend programming to daytimes during the week and ultimately 24/7.

The Goddamn Media café which will be the hub of the media empire will be open 6 days a week and we are looking for staff to run it. Pay starts at £7 an hour with increases and bonuses. Hours are negotiable and full training up to management level will be given to the right candidates.

We also need acoustic bands or those able to perform unplugged sessions to play on Saturday afternoons. We will video stream and radio record the gigs. The sessions will not be paid ones but the exposure is massive and you have the opportunity to sell merchandise etc.

Live gigs from the cafe at other times will be available to performers and you will be free to charge on the door where appropriate with no commission to Goddamn Media.

Contact Pasha on 07757781957 for details and proposals or to discuss these exciting times ahead.

Chilling with the cats

Aging not fading

I don't agree with the photographer when he speaks of the models as coping with their transient beauty. That may be more how he views their beauty perhaps. He has presented a series of images that appear sad and nostalgic and that's a pretty harsh agenda to place on these women who I suspect have more to present to the world than a perceived transient historic appeal.

Jenny Milarski

Spotted in Brighton by Jenny Milarski

Buttercream Christmas

Some of the amazing Christmas cakes made by BB who will be our sole cake suppliers at Goddamn Media HQ in January.

Another bloody Monday

Well I had a weekend off the sauce and it has paid off in many ways. Monday morning clarity for a start and spots.....I have fucking detox spots.....pass the fucking vodka!

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Sunday Cuddles

Dometria Domn

One of Brighton's best


Watching What Women Want....Thrown into sexist Hollywood hell.


Christmas in the country at Buttercream Farm

This Christmas I will be schmoozing with the founder of Buttercream Bakery in the English countryside. Goddamn Media staff have been personally invited to Buttercream Farm for a day of food hedonism. Do normal people diet before Christmas to allow for such over indulgence?
Here are a couple of pictures of the tree which is too tall for the canera lense. 

Absolutely cannot wait.....

Sponsorship for designer

GM is keen to sponsor a designer or fashion group. We need all sorts of designs across corporate and party wear.
You would be sponsored through the new radio channel, through all social media and of course through the arts cafe with cat walk shows and exhibitions.

Performers needed

Goddamn Media is looking for acoustic and unplugged acts to play at the arts cafe in Brighton in the new year on Saturdays. Call the booking line on 07757781957 for details.

This week in paradise

I am actually on a bit of a spring cleaning mission before our penultimate public event at BAC this Saturday. They are a dirty crowd so thought they should have a clean floor.  Tickets for Club Dark are through their own sites and as for the Sugar Kicks after think you will survive it?

In the Lounge waiting on breakfast

One hates change so be it

Weird architecture

Ignore the takeaways. ...check out the architecture above. London Road gems!

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