Wednesday, 31 July 2013

BAC Cinema Cafe (Brighton's only Independent free cinema)

Our first night was amazing after some early glitches with sounds.
Now we are rigged to the PA and all is well in this vibrant and exciting part of town.

So now we have a cinema I want your weird films.....and I can premier your lil work of degree art for a nominal fee and host a private view........I do not want the home vid of your ex who cheated on you....unless you used arty lighting and call it something achingly surreal.

On a serious note.....I am happy to host the work of film makers and video artists so please get in touch regarding any proposals you may have.

BAC is an amazing space where creative dreams do come true. 

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

What's on this week at BAC (Brighton Arts Club)

Wednesday.....3pm/8pm Movie

Thursday.........3pm Movie

                        7pm - 9pm open mic

Friday..............12 pm Flying Penis Exhibition for Pride (runs all weekend) 
                                   10pm the Exorcist Trilogy

Saturday..........3pm/8pm Movie

Sunday.............3pm/8pm Movie

Brighton's only Cafe Cinema is open at BAC

Finally the cinema is up and running at BAC in the cafe and music lounge.

2 films each day one at 3pm and one at 8pm except where other events prevail.

Refreshments available of course and pop corn....even pot noodles!!!!!

Call to find out what is on or turn up for a surprise!!!!!

Friday, 19 July 2013

What's On at Brighton Arts Club (BAC) this weekend

Friday from 7 we will be filming so pop in if you are up for some experimental short film making with Joel and Pasha.

Saturday is a busy Burlesque hen day in the afternoon and an evening of painting for the new expo next month.

Hours are 12pm-12am

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

BRIGHTON ARTS CLUB: What's On Brighton Arts Club (BAC) this week

BRIGHTON ARTS CLUB: What's On Brighton Arts Club (BAC) this week: Pasha du Valentine is painting portraits at the club all week in the music lounge. Feel free to come an watch or to have your portrait done...

What's On Brighton Arts Club (BAC) this week

Pasha du Valentine is painting portraits at the club all week in the music lounge. Feel free to come an watch or to have your portrait done as part of the arts exhibition next month. Sitters will receive one piece free of charge.

Opening hours are midday to midnight everyday except Monday!

More hen events in the Burlesque photo studio at the weekend by Goddamn Media. 
The photo studio is set up for drop in shoots for £50 where you can use the props and get 20 edited photos for your port folio, face book, agency or ma and pa.

Open Mic on Thursday looks set up for some new faces so come along from 7pm with your words and songs.......our new baby grand is ready for anyone with an inkling to test it out either solo or as an accompanist.

We have a couple of free gig slots this week so give me a call if you want to play 01273 757714

Friday afternoon is a chance to relax with a bottle of wine on special for £7.99 in the company of like minded people whith some vintage tracks.  

Friday evening is filming for our new short with Joel and Pasha.....extras needed and helpers of course. Filmed on i phones......the scene is a wedding party with a food not wear your Sunday best although you should look like it is your wedding best, if that makes sense.

Some pics below of last weeks was an awesome week with Danni Veneer's leaving do, open mic with Two and Eight and the Devil Rides In and Joe McCarthy gig to finish it off.....They are now residents of the club by the way so if you missed them fear not, they come again soon.  


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