Friday, 31 May 2013

Events June 1st at Brighton Arts Club

Saturday 1st June I like the Go Go doors open 7pm

What's On at Brighton Arts Club...... June 2013

Saturday 1st......I like the Go Go and White Family gig from 7pm
Sunday 2nd.......Hen Party Photo Shoot (closed to public) and Open Mic 
Monday 3rd.......Private View Architecture Brighton Uni
Tuesday 4th.......Private View Illustration brighton Uni
Wednesday 5th...Electronica Sextronica open mic
Thursday 6th .....Open Mic with spoken word

Monday, 27 May 2013

What's On Brighton Arts Club this week

This week we are preparing for new upcoming shows and the public are welcome to come and see our work in progress and to have a cuppa and a chat.

I am undercoating the gallery front tomorrow and sketching my mural having decided that graffiti is a style not an art so I was better doing the shopfront myself.
The Vulva by Emma Buggy is still fast to the wall and has not been vandalised but the weather has been mild and we anticipate a few months before the artwork crumbles in the elements. It draws a lot of tourists and is photographed more than the is all about the pussy though girls and don't we know it!!!!!!

As always Open Mic is on Thursday and Po will be hosting as Mirabah is away but he has downloaded a Korg on his phone and we have rigged up my electric cello so we are bound to have some fun with all our toys when he gets back.

I like The Go Go are playing Saturday and we are putting together a mini festival for the day so we can all enjoy the new kids on the block. There are talks also of a residency for them!

I am painting backdrops for the Brighton Skinhead Reunion though I doubt if I can get to the party as I will be needed here. Also I am starting on the 10 pieces for my solo show on the 8th June as part of our Alternative Brighton Fashion Week.

The 7th of June we host the great talent that is Momus. I am looking forward to meeting him and having an intellectual argument about something intellectual. This is a real coup for the club although I don't believe in hierarchies of talent (oh God, it must be Monday).

Two new artists moved in and will be here tomorrow along with the older ones. I best get a curry on.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Emma Buggy does Channel 4s Embarrassing Bodies

Remember that Emma Buggy is showing at the Brighton Arts Club as part of Minge Fringe and that her work is also on the exterior wall of the club..........

Emma Buggy is relocating to Brighton and will be having a studio at the club. We are all thrilled to have talent as well as courage through our doors.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Events at Brighton Arts Club this weekend!

Minge Fringe kicks off 2 days of celebrations.....
Saturday we have an amazing array of Vagina art and performances celebrating the female form.

Guest performances from Dominic Von Trapp and Normanton Street along with a host of crafting activities will compliment the Cunt Crew.

We will be filming the event for our TV outlets naturally.

Sunday and quite by accident, our next door neighbour, the Tattoo Workshop, will be hosting a free outdoor part just outside our gaff........lots of stalls and a Juice Radio DJ will smooth the event along nicely and we will no doubt poach a few unsuspecting customers who we can corrupt with our arty farty ways.

Should be a heavy weekend......I may loose my voice due to being verbally amusing! Or I may loose my way into a open tattooed arms.........from the vagina to the ink.....will let you know!

Open Mic Thursday at Brighton Arts Club with Po as stand in

Open Mic this evening from 7.....though we don't start till 8 due to stragglers and chatting, will be run by Po as Mirabah is off on a training course 'oop nerth'.....well Birmingham.

I have a Vegan Korma should you need some feeding and as always we have grandma's double choc chip organic brownies and gin.

Life is just grand as we kick start the weekend at Brighton Arts Club!

Fet Life and spreading the c word gospel at Brighton Arts Club is already afternoon and I still haven't had my second coffee........thank Goddess for the cherry pie and cream mum made....that'll keep a Countess going.

Someone had phoned yesterday to quizz me about her business model. She talked for hours about what she does and seemingly is an 'all rounder'.

The woman, who I sneakingly suspect may just be a 'Come Dine With Me ' stalker as they did repeat it recently on telly, was busy at the door before 12 noon.......or my first coffee!

I showed her our Brighton Arts Club facilities like a good little arts club owner as my heart was sinking fast at the prospect of a 'fan' bothering my breakfast time.

The woman, now christened in my head as 'annoying woman' asked about running a stall at our next show.

Here was my chance.

'Well, it is a show to celebrate the cunt', said I.
She looked bemused and said slowly....'Pardon'.

I had to translate it several times........she got the point at 'vagina' and left saying her work may not be suitable.

Good news is that we have made the Fet Life forums so I guess we will have some kinky boys and girls come to celebrate our vaginas with us. They may be disappointed as there wont be much bondage here, more nakedness and not a strap on in sight.

We will welcome all though and it is great to think that the curiosity of the vulva, the labia, the pubis, the clitoris, and all these things together in harmony are so interesting as to draw a crowd or to just as easily repel those without the gumption for true feminine beauty. 

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Vegan curry at Brighton Arts Club

Vegan curry at Brighton Arts Club

The cafe has been busy this week with my vegan curry seemingly hitting the spots others don't.

We ask £4.50 donation to the club for your meal including a cuppa and rice or bread.....and if you have a website or other proof that you are a practising artist I will give you 50p off!!!!!!!

Grandma's non vegan double choc organic the best in Brighton as they cause addiction.....are only £1!

I best put the slow cooker on ready for the morning........

Vegan curry at Brighton Arts Club

The cafe has been busy this week with my vegan curry seemingly hitting the spots others don't.

We ask £4.50 donation to the club for your meal including a cuppa and rice or bread.....and if you have a website or other proof that you are a practising artist I will give you 50p off!!!!!!!

Grandma's non vegan double choc organic the best in Brighton as they cause addiction.....are only £1!

I best put the slow cooker on ready for the morning........

BRIGHTON ARTS CLUB: Minge Fringe is almost here!

BRIGHTON ARTS CLUB: Minge Fringe is almost here!

Minge Fringe is almost here!

Poetry and Cider Marathon at BAC 25th May

click to join the facebook event

A day of oral pleasure and aural indulgence at Brighton Arts Club....brush up your oratory skills. 
All welcome with any poem, your own or classics, limmericks, jingles, saucy or sweet, memorised only I am will be mic'd up and have to get off when you start stumbling. 
If you last 30 minutes you get a free pint of cider! 

25th of May
Brighton Arts Club

View Brighton Arts Club in a larger map

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Electronica Sexatronica at Brighton Arts Club

If you have an acoustic instrument bring a mic or pick up and we can put you through the PA.
We have an electric cello, one mic, keyboard and korg players......depending on who comes!

Alternative Brighton Fashion Week call for exhibitors and performers

At BAC  from the 8th -15th June we are hosting the Alternative Brighton Fashion Week.

We are coincidentally right next door to the official venue for the 'ordinary' Brighton Fashion Week and will no doubt cause quite a stir.

I would like interested parties to get involved on all levels.

Here is a list but it is not complete of all things of interest to our shows.

Alternative designers
Unusual fabrications
Political designers
Eco aware designers
Street performers
Body painters
Performance artists
Low budget designers
Makers normally unable to show for financial reasons or other reasons

Our shows will be loosely divided into these categories

Hair and beauty
Global ethnic

Details to follow as we are still accepting entrants

Remember it is free to show and we will ask  £1 donation from visitors to cover club costs.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Minge Fringe e flyer please share

Momus at Brighton Arts Club

Events at Brighton Arts Club

18th May........
MINGE FRINGE 2pm till late A celebration of the 'cunt' with performers and art by leaders of the movement

Music by Normaton Street 

24th May
Universiy of Brighton Critical Fine Art Practice Student Private View and Party

25th May........
Poetry and story tellers showcase 2pm till late. Improvised as well as rehearsed poetry and pros washed down with scrumpy and real ale

3rd June 
University of Brighton Architecture Students Private View and Party

4th June
University of Brighton Illustration and Graphics Students Private View and Party

7th June

8th June -15th June
Alternative Brighton Fashion Week timetable pending

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Preparing for the Rootz Fusion day at Brighton Arts Club

There is calm at the club today as we prepare emotionally for tomorrow and the night of art, food, music and much more from our resident artist Rootz.

The event kicks off at 7pm.
Bar is open earlier of course and the cafe is here all day but be prepared for some stressful souls with hammers charging around screaming, possibly crying, because a picture is misaligned!

And in between we have open mic this evening where we welcome acoustic musicians, poets and story tellers to the bosom of the club to showcase their talents or to watch and make friends. Again we kick off at 7pm.

Alternative Brighton Fashion Week Hair and Beauty at Brighton Arts Club

On Wednesday June 12th we are hosting demonstrations from beauticians, hair dressers and body artists as part of 
Alternative Brighton Fashion Week 
Brighton Arts Club

.........It will be an evening event with refreshments and cocktails and a donation of £1 to the public to help with the running of the club. 
We already have a vintage hair stylist so if you know anyone who may like to get involved please put them my way. 
Our venue is next to the official venue and we are expecting a great turnout!

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Alternative Brighton Fashion Week at Brighton Arts Club

Brighton Arts Club will be the venue for the Alternative Brighton Fashion Week. 
Entry for catwalk shows is completely free and entry to shows will be £1 per day to donate to the running of the club and to maintain the artists studios upstairs which are subsidised by Goddamn Media. 
There will be 4 days of catwalk events with different categories Accessories
Global Ethnic 
Urban Alternative 

So our fashion shows for the Alternative Brighton Fashion Week will be on these need to book your place asap to get on the press releases but I will take last minute entrants of course as we are a revolution after all 
 Wednesday and make up demos and shows with dance 
Thursday 13th ......jewelery/ accessories Berlin style (a sit down Caberet feel) 
Friday 14th............Global/fusion/alternative (textiles, body painted designs etc) 
Saturday 15th afternoon.......Sophisticats' 
evening..........Down and Dirty alternatives (latex, smut etc) 

 There will also be stalls each day and demonstrations in the arts cafe where we will serve suitably alternative refreshments including our special Love Tea, Catwalk Cocktails and fashionista cupcakes! 
 We will have a launch and end party and will showcase the most avant guard of current talent from national and international participants. 
 We will have an art exhibition and private view to launch the week showcasing creative talent with a fashion feel from photographers, painters and film makers. The event will be truly multi media and embrace cross genre participation. 
 There will be a student category as well as separate categories suitable for newcomers and professionals. 
 Participants include 

Eva Miarka Shana 
Body Paint clothes (Body paint artist) 
Charles of London Edgy Street Fashion as seen in Vogue) 
Ashley James Latex 
Amy Lou Latex Trinkerbell (subliminal Jewellery designer)

This week at Brighton Arts Club

This Friday.......we party with Rootz

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Artists Studios Central Brighton £20 per week no contract open policy

Vera Boing Show looks great and will run all month. We also have two permanent stall holders at the club, vintage clothes and smoking sundries. As always the cafe is open  with grandma's brownies and summer opening hours are longer to the public too so pop down and say hello if you are around....we have two free art studios this week as well if you need space to express yourself. Happy Tuesday!

Friday, 3 May 2013

Brighton Festival Fringe Fringe on the edge of the edge!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A quick update before the festival starts tomorrow at midday.

Party tomorrow to launch the Fringe Fringe here at the Brighton Arts, music, hula, poi and me being a gobshite from noon till midnight!

All the participating artist have excelled themselves so big pat on the back. The show promises to be spectacular and the word of mouth 'thing' has already started as visitors have come in droves today before we even launched!!!!!

I have bought hot dogs and we have an urn for the more refined amongst our visitors....Gin too for mother.

I best get on as there is still much to do before 12 tomorrow......really hope to see you all if only for a minute xx

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