Friday, 26 April 2013

Oli Spleen Showcase at Brighton Arts Club

Last night' open Mic possibly rivals all others as we had a grand mix of uni students and mature orators with much to tell.

One chap, named Paul, performed improvised pieces lying on the floor demanding sun for his bean sprout......It was quite amazing and I wish I had filmed it. I did ask but he declined as the camera affects what omits from the heart, as we all know.

Today, after my usual 3 coffees, I am moving furniture again ready for the Oli Spleen showcase.

Oli has rehearsed his decent from the ladder and we foresee no problems....I will have the disclaimer ready.....

....see you tonight bitches and cads, hos and vagabonds, virgins and slags....7pm at my gaff

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Brighton Fringe Fringe

Charges to participate in the regular Brighton Fringe have sent us spinning into disarray at the club.......over £100 for each event just to appear on the website!

In revolt we have a month of free events where artists can show, play, perform and take full advantage of our amazing exhibition space.

Our Launch Party is on the 4th May from midday and we launch a great mixed arts show. We are still accepting art and the club asks 30% of sales.

We have numerous musicians also lined up so if you are keen to perform please give me a call as we want to offer as much as we can to as many as we can throughout the month.

Open Mic at Brighton Arts Club

Thursday is our open mic day at the club which is a mix of spoken word and musicianship.
Our open mic nights are unusual in that we take turns and there is no list. It is a very friendly and informal event that is run by Joel who also sets weekly homework though this is optional and may be carried through any medium including art and performance. It is actually rather nice to have a discipline on occasion.
The VIP bar is open with great deals and we are open till at least 11pm.
Time permitting I do a piece of art though this week I am a bit slack........oops.

OPEN MIC AT BAC every Thursday from 7pm-11pm

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Open Mic Thursdays at Brighton Arts Club

Looking forward to our open mic later this evening.
Food available and the bar is open of course and is the cheapest in Brighton.

New faces are coming including Oli Spleen and the usual crew who have become so important to the club.
Hope to see you at 7pm.

Interview with Oli Spleen at Brighton Arts Club

Monday, 8 April 2013

What's on this month at BAC

This month we are stepping up the activities and events at the club. Here is a catch up for your diaries.

Wednesdays alternate between comedy nights and creative writing......all welcome

Creative Writing group on Facebook

Thursday from 4-7 is our healing session with Mirabah and Yve offering spiritual healing an foot massage. We also have pop up stalls with healing jewellery and stones.

Thursdays are also our now famous Spoken Word and music Open Mic nights.....all welcome

Thursday Open Mic on Facebook

On Saturday and Sunday afternoons we welcome all musicians and performers for a very informal jam in the cafe. Sundays is more of an electronic vibe with a Korg and electric cello.

On the 27th of April we are showcasing Oli Spleen and Pink Narcissus with a night of art, music and film.

We also have pop up stalls and the launch of our jerk chicken barbecue outside next weekend!!!!! 

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Open Mike Electronica Sundays at BAC

Artist Residencies Brighton Arts Club and Cheap Studio Space

Brighton Arts Club is in the centre of Brighton and is easily accessible by bus and rail.
We have a great space here in a community of artists and practitioners who care about what they do with great professionalism and commitment. 
I have one lockable unit attached to a DJ booth 

Various shared and mini desks which suit a laptop and chair/table 

Large desk and easel space on the communal floor

Communal Splash studio, an area for making large projects with no worry of making a mess 

Free internet and cheap tea etc. We are open every day except Monday so come along and book your spot. 

There is no contract but places are dependant on other bookings. We ask one month up front so for a mere £20 you could have the studio you always wanted. 
We are based at BN1 4GE behind London Road and next to the Tattoo Workshop and St Bartholemews Church. 

We manage a mixture of public activities and private and quiet working. 
We are also host to charities who run their office from here and are free to carry out their interviews etc in the cafe. 
Our Artists in Residence are (currently offering 2 more for free studio space to represent the club) 

Rootz Chinyelubrownsugar Modebelu (Vida Rootz) (2D Painting and Textile Fine Arts) 

Georgeana Parsons (Photography and Digital Arts) 

Mirabah (Poet and spoken words) Pasha du Valentine (Multi Media) 

Art Throb (Performance Art Band) 

We also have permanent members of the studio who are committed to the Brighton Arts Club. Pop along and view the space or call me for a chat. 
We have an open gender/race/class policy.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Spring Cleaning and Jumble Sales at the Brighton Arts Club

Busy day as I am spring cleaning the venue for our jumble sale tomorrow. 
We welcome donations as always and will host a weekly jumble sale to try to raise funds.
At the moment we need paint for our communal studios and for the shutters whish I will start and out before the frost bite sets in.

Pop along for a bargain hunt at 2pm until 7pm.

Our final musical meeting is tomorrow at 5.30pm and when the last of the songs will be tweaked and the lovely Crystal will be ready to be my voice........

Meantime I am off to the doctor as I am suffering severe neck and back pain from when the squatters threw me down the fire escape!

Jumble Sale Brighton Arts Club Wednesday 12-7pm everything is £1 in Brighton | Community Chest |

Jumble Sale Brighton Arts Club Wednesday 12-7pm everything is £1 in Brighton | Community Chest |

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