Thursday, 19 December 2013

A kinky weekend at BAC, lesbians, burlesque and fetish......

What a weekend we have lined up for you guys this weekend.

Friday the 20th December at 7pm-8pm.....the Brighton Belles, all women's lesbian choir take control of the party palace for a transformation into a speak easy for their Christmas Chorus. I have been told to stock the bar........!!!!!! £3/£5 entry with ALL proceeds going to the Martlets.

Later on Friday is a private party for the now massive army of alternative Burlesque performers who are friends of BAC. Invite only I am afraid except to members who can use the VIP of course.

Saturday we give way to .....CLUB DARK.....

Not for the faint of heart obviously and ticket in advance only so  if you don't have one, turn around with your latex and whips and go home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Dojo......coming to BAC this Christmas

Dojo are a collective of the best young jazz and reggae musicians from South Africa, and the UK whose starkly political 21st century outlook and uncanny talent for melody and harmony are taking reggae from the underground to the mainstream for the first time in a generation.

Vocalist Khanyisa Twani was born to a Christian minister and a teacher in Cape Town a few years before the fall of apartheid. During her formative years her family were subject to horrific acts of discrimination. The relationship between her black father and white mother provoked much animosity. On one occasion her father was arrested and beaten under suspicion of being a supporter of the ANC. When he was unable to make a confession, Twani’s grandparents were also apprehended and threatened.

Twani’s family emigrated from South Africa to the UK when she was five years old, in search of a better life and education for Khanyisa and her brothers. It was here that Twani developed a remarkable, age-defying sense of soul, channelled through her extraordinary singing voice. Her talents were honed with tenures in gospel choirs and through collaborations with the UK’s foremost jazz musicians, including the pianist James Pearson, artistic director of Ronnie Scott’s jazz club.

Whilst making a name for herself by performing her own songs on the London circuit, Twani met best-selling writer and jazz Hammond Organist Ben Cormack and the pair formed a writing partnership. They were joined by Robin Porter, recipient of the George Murphy Trophy for Jazz Saxophone, and V-Drum World Championship finalist Conor Bailey to complete work on Dojo’s acclaimed debut EP, Descry.

Dojo’s music is a celebration of the rich heritage of African, English, and American music. Lyrical content featuring up-to-the-minute political and philosophical observations comes from a combined Christian, Buddhist, and Atheist viewpoint. Explorations of joy, despair, and human nature are underpinned by an overriding theme of harmony and spiritual connection between all living things.

Dojo’s live shows, which showcase the band’s heightened sense of showmanship and their remarkable musicianship, have received widespread critical acclaim. Within weeks of forming Dojo were booked to support such luminaries as Groundation and Seun Kuti & Egypt 80.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Is it your fault, when I look into your eyes, I see you are not Jesus? Is it your fault that you are not God?

is it your fault, when I look into your eyes, I see you are not Jesus? Is it your fault that you are not God?

My new painting...................................

Monday, 9 December 2013

Brighton Arts Club changes are afoot!

The events this week have meant a reshuffle of activities and priorities at the club in order that it can continue to offer the best service to the community. 
It is now appropriate to have security for most events in order that the volunteers who run BAC are safe and secure in their environment. 
Also, as we now have more bookings than we can really manage and are forced to turn deserving creatives away, we will now ask a deposit from anyone booking a gig. This covers a cancellation and or damage to the premises or artwork.
Finally there will be an obligation for all visitors to sign the temporary members book.

Change is inevitable as we improve our services.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Party venue hire all night at Brighton Arts Club


ALL NIGHT PARTY 7PM-6AM W/BAR...........£200

TICKETED EVENT 8PM-11PM NO BAR...........£100 + 10% TICKETS
FREE EVENT W/BAR 8PM-11PM ...................NO CHARGE




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