Tuesday, 30 October 2012

BAC day 2

Spent day two putting up the clothes from Charles of London and Vanity Dare....YOWZA

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Arts Club Cats

Brighton Arts Club: Latest News

Brighton Arts Club: Latest News: The Brighton Arts Club is pleased to announce that we will stock Charles of London's new range. CHARLES OF LONDON We are the only s...

Latest News

The Brighton Arts Club is pleased to announce that we will stock Charles of London's new range.


We are the only stockists in Brighton or indeed the south who stock the range.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Squatters forget their morals and beat up the 50 year old Countess of Brighton and Hackney!

On Saturday night, fuelled with anarchic spirit, I popped by my club to see if the squatters were still there. I watched the venue around 2 am to see a range of youngsters popping in presumably to pick up drugs.
I was already getting annoyed and seeing one of the shutters completely smashed fuelled the anarchic rage still further.
I banged on the door and one of the squatters let me in.....I have no idea why. As we climbed the staircase I explained who I was and the squatter stopped in front of me and began madly dialling squatter number two from the party. Once he arrived there was another spurt of anarchic spirit and I sat on the stair a refused to budge until I 'saw their leader'. Before I knew it I was dragged upside down by my hair and kicked over and over again. Then I was thrown out into the rain and left for dead.
Most of the bruises are across my lower back, head and buttocks as these were their desired points of contact. My legs too are in bad shape.
I called the police of course.
Today I feel in great pain and am taking some meds to relieve the symptoms both physical and mental.

In the last hour or so I heard from the owner that they left the premises after taking a bribe. The club is 'trashed'. They have taken music boxes from the DJ booth and other assets. They have smothered the building in graffiti.

I will open as planned next Monday because anarchic spirit runs through veins and never leaves....Long live the Countess.

New Dog coat by Knitting with Grandma for Brighton Arts

Monday, 15 October 2012

Updates from the ground floor

All Goddamn Go

Goddamn Media will be taking over the private members club, the VIP lounge and photographic and film studios at the new Brighton Arts Club centre in Brighton.
We are very excited about the whole project which supports the non profit ground floor and artists studios.

Get in touch for details about hiring wall space and shop units.
The launch is on the 1st of November but door open before to accept art.

Prices start from £5 per week which gets you on the website, youtube, skype linkups, members bar (on certain events) and allows you a free email and post box at the club. 

Creative Squatters ....Long live the Countess of Brighton and Hackney!

A difficult day all round as early this morning I confirmed 5 new artists to show at the club who were to deposit their work on Wednesday.
Then I had a call from the owner who informed me that I had squatters!
I went to see them as I am not keen for my landlord to get bailiffs in, and besides, the spirit of the club is to benefit the community..... not to terrorise it.
They were nice boys, little older than my son (who squatted my house for years) and we have reached a gentleman's agreement that they will vacate by Monday.
The odd irony is that they are artists and had their work on display!!!!

A difficult place for the Countess of Brighton and Hackney but one where gentleness, patience, diplomacy, maternal skills and good socialist values will see beneficial results for us all.

Long live the Countess!

Sunday, 14 October 2012

The new on line shop for Brighton Arts Club 'BAC'

Spent the day working on photos and layouts for the new shop.
Our launch is on Friday when you will be able to purchase items from Knitting With Grannma, Pasha du Valentine and Trinkerbelle amongst others.
We will be meeting in the Lion d'Or along George Street in Hove for a self congratulatory drink with some of our members. Do join us if you are around at 4pm til 8pm or so.
If you are keen to have me stock your items you will need to commit to a stall at the new Arts Club or exhibition space.

News today also that the dress hire business Vanity Dare will run her salon from the BAC ground floor.

Things just get better and better!

The Last Brighton Arts Club

This is a painting from the Hove Art Gallery showing the last Brighton Arts Club. Notice how few women are around except those at the back who are seemingly there to stroke egos. 
Well my club will be very different because I have allowed ladies of all sorts of questionable moral in with their pencils and paper....be afraid!!!!!

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