Monday, 31 December 2012

Gothic dreams at Brighton Arts Club

I am doing up my first photo/film shoot area on the mezzanine.....thinking dark, goth, scary as it seems dead cheap and very anything you don't want please donate it....OR.... if you have props for sale that would work lemme know including art, lamps, taxidermy, cloths and drapes, rugs, sculls etc.

New Years Eve transport in Brighton

Useful info ......taxis tonight from town to Hove after 12 will be £18 but you can get the night bust from London Road by the Club through town and to Hove for a couple of quid or free with your pass....they go every 50 mins or so and all night long......
We will walk you to the bus stop if possible.

Happy New Year bitches!

Not with that wind am I getting up a ladder!

Weather in Brighton let us down this morning although I do sit rather smuggly now that the heating is on and I watch the poor blighters going about their must do business. Needless to say I had to postpone painting the shop sign for a day less dangerous.....I am too young to die atop a ladder.

I will need to get ice and an ice bucket as the wine, once chilled to perfection in the air of the Brighton Arts Club  now feels tepid......the members are generally not that fussy after a few vats of the strong stuff but I should really upgrade to chilled basics.

The Haunted Hognanay looks like a great night tonight with Mother and Sascha doing their thing. 
I have my Vivienne Westwood kilt and pink wig at the ready amd One Yellow Shoe Productions are filming the proceedings probably for 'You've Been Framed'. I will hope that mother refrains from checking underwear, I do hate when she starts all that.

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Tomorrow Morning I will paint our sign at Brighton Arts Club

Well the cafe has sudden;y turned into somewhere to hang out as I wrote Brighton Arts Cafe in chalk along the window earlier today....people came in their droves proving that my little club (ok big club) is not as invisible as we all thought.
Spurred on by this proof that signage works I will paint the shop sign first thing.....In purple, lilac and those are the only colours I have.

If you see me up the ladder don't beep as I am shaky in the mornings.

Photos will follow.....I am thinking, 1960's Carnaby style...........

Situation Vacant Radio Presenter at Brighton Arts Club

I seem to have covered most angles at the club but am really keen to set up a radio pod cast channel.

Ideally we would have various shows coming from the venue or even outside and abroad as long as we could link the pods in at least identity or creativity from the club itself. The ethos would need to be all encompassing, feminist, egalitarian, non racist, edgy and exciting......not much to ask is it from decent people.

Sascha Cooper will be running a show from our open mics once a month which promises to be awesome. Any other ideas gratefully received. Radio is now a great communicator while so many people work on line. Pod-casts are so easily transported onto mobiles that it is a crime to see radio as less than the power tool it is. Video really didn't kill the radio star!

With news this week that more women are now working and or sole breadwinners than men in this fair city I welcome some guys to come to the bosom of our family here at the arts centre. Ideally you will be aged 35-45 6 foot, handsome.......oops sorry wrong ad...............

BRIGHTON ARTS CLUB: Pasha did radio at Brighton Arts Club with Ziggy

BRIGHTON ARTS CLUB: Pasha did radio at Brighton Arts Club with Ziggy: Brighton Arts Club Nov 2012, Radio 4A interview with Ziggy, Pasha and Bitter & Twisted Burlesque by Radio 4a on Mixcloud ht...

Pasha did radio at Brighton Arts Club with Ziggy

Me and Vivienne and Huanted Hogmanay

Well today will be a lazy Sunday I imagine painting dogs in watercolours like a real lady and eating cake in the sophisticated glamour that is Brighton Arts.......OK that is a slightly purer version of events.

This is what is really happening.

Pasha is drawing graffiti style dogs on recycled cardboard backdrops using found items and leftover paint.

Pasha will be playing tunes of her choice because it is her gaff and she is in a really good mood today after the epic sleep last night.

Pasha will find her true artist now that she has stopped the meds which temporarily turned her into a Stepford Wife.

Pasha will be getting the Brighton Arts Club ready for our big party tomorrow and wondering how to stop mother from checking all the boys undergarments.

Pasha will eat whiskey cake and drink strong coffee in the spirit of cowboys everywhere!

Remember you can get in free tomorrow if and only if you wear a kilt......use your imagination and find your inner child.......

Saturday, 29 December 2012

A Busy Saturday at Brighton Arts Club, just the way I like it

So many visitors today from out of town......and some from inside too.
An area of London Road fell victim to a power cut which meant I had visitors who were meant to be at the Duke of Norfolk Cinema ended up with me buying tea and vintage clothes before I had swept.

Then I had visitors who had come down especially to see Dragarazzi's exhibition of trans people from Amsterdam and New York.

Later there were other visitors who had heard of the club's existence and were compelled to visit us.

Mum came as always and tried to take over and was rude to customers as usual.....they will write about her in books!!!!!

A great day and here is a little film, no two in fact, I did just now to show how I moved things around yet again.

Open Studio at Brighton Arts Club Pasha du Valentine is open to the public and other animals!

My studio will be open to the public from Monday to see my work in progress. Please feel free to pop to the club as engaging in the artists work method is a great way to de mystify all that colouring in. Adults only and sometimes there is wet paint so you have been warned! 

Retro Sofa at Brighton Arts Club

3 piece suite £220

I can see this in a dark red/black boudoir style room. It has a really interesting side detail and is in great vintage condition....and I tell you what, my mother will be sitting on it later and I bet she will be tempted!

Coffee and Whiskey cake and a cheesy film making the world go round at Brighton Arts Club

I am off to buy a new cafetiere ready for a pleasant afternoon at BAC. 
Yve will be arriving for brandy as usual and to discuss the itinerary for New Years Eve and our haunted Hogmanay. She went in to horrific detail yesterday about using a long stick to lift the kilts of our male guests to check there were no undergarments.......seems this was usual Scottish army practice. I am slightly horrified to have roots in Celtic traditions and will promise that whilst gents wearing kilts will get in free to the event, there will be no rules concerning their privates and coverings under!

I am slightly provoked by these thoughts.

We have whiskey cake also today in the arts cafe so life is good surely! And our cheesy film at 3 of will not believe how bad I can be!

Now get up and do some work, the world needs you to show it what you are made of!!!!!

Friday, 28 December 2012

Art by Pasha du Valentine at Brighton Arts Club

I have a large studio at BAC as most of you will know by now. It has been an inspirational space to work from and I am making the most of the space.

Here are a few of the pieces available to buy and on show in the arts cafe.

Please note, I will usually accept an offer especially on rent day but only if it is given with true Pasha love!

Alison Williams-Bailey does her first day at Brighton Arts cLUB

Alison is an experienced reader as well as being artistic director of Root and Branch Theatre Company. We welcome Allison to her new weekly slot.

Vintage clothes and accessories at Brighton Arts

We have new stock arriving every day so pop in regularly to get the really good bits.
Pop up stalls are available on Saturdays from midday til 6 pm, occasionally later if we have an event and you are up for a late night!

Remember that the Emporium helps subsidise the mezzanine floor studios for local artists.

We are always looking to give a platform to creatives and do not charge an exhibition fee for small shows.

Our studio/desk space is £20 per week with 2 free weeks in January if you pay in advance for 2 months.

I can organise shipping overseas if required.

the Countess of Brighton and Hackney at Brighton Arts Club

The sewing machine is out and the Countess will be launching her new range of vibrant up-cycled clothes today at the club.

Prices will start at £10 with no upper limit because a Countess knows no limits!

Resolution and Revolution at Brighton Arts Club

Well I am glad to have survived the drinking game with my daughter......I use the term 'survived' very loosely and am warned never to make silly challenges again. 

Today promises to be busy as we are preparing for some more artists to show there work in the arts cafe.

The special offer on stalls and studio space is for Monday only and for pre-booking through to February. You get the whole of January at only £5 per week which is a great deal but does mean you need to change your life and get your arse in gear. 

There is no revolution without resolution

and procrastinators may have their memberships revoked. Your talent is a meaningless old rag if it is stuck in the bottom of your wardrobe!!!!

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Next film by Goddamn Media and Brighton Arts Club

We are rounding up actors and helpers for the new film.
As usual the films are shot in one day during daylight hours.
This one is called 'Dolled Up' and we are looking to film in a few were warned so I don't want any pimples!
Here is one we made earlier......

Tarot at Brighton Arts on Fridays

Allison will be at Brighton Arts every week on Fridays from tomorrow

Vintage collections and Vivienne Westwood in the Brighton Arts Club Emporium

Brighton Arts Club Timetable

BRIGHTON ARTS CLUB: Brighton Arts Club does radio

BRIGHTON ARTS CLUB: Brighton Arts Club does radio: Well I managed 2 days of rest but I can't stay away from the club for very long so I am back to work today. We had some airtime on Juice F...

Brighton Arts Club does radio

Well I managed 2 days of rest but I can't stay away from the club for very long so I am back to work today.
We had some airtime on Juice FM also today which was great to hear and made the BAC somehow officially part of the Brighton scene.

I will be here for open mic tonight although Joel has taken a day off so I will do my best in his absence.

Lots of great vintage and collectors clothes to add to the stock today and we have some jewellery on its way!

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