Monday, 21 March 2011



There is a fair bit of excitement this week as we prepare for the filming of our fourth film in the series......'The Coat'.
Written especially for resident actress Crysi de Milo, the film features a magic coat which changes perceptions and experiences of the wearer.

 .....'The Coat is about a denim 1970's style coat which changes the sentimentality of the wearer as well as the environment around him or her. Crysi de Milo is the main character who finds the coat after leaving her flat one cold morning on her way to work. The coat seems to follow her around despite her leaving it in random situations. We will use simple animations with flowers and I will paint animations over the footage in the edit. The coat represents a nostalgic time of peace and love as well as a more feminine world. Crysi's world is more male, futurist and industrial. The soundtracks will reflect this when the coat is worn or disposed of. The final scene is a graveyard and we will use animated flowers again as Crysi accepts that she can no longer deny the power of the coat'. 

Big in Japan also stars as one of the sirens, sent to tempt Crysi into a psychedelic, colourful world of femininity and love.

Pasha du Valentine will use animations to effect the mood changes so expect a creative visual feast next week after the edit.

Sean Holland will be composing and recording the score for this exciting project. 
We film in Brighton town centre on Friday.

Big in of the sirens in this weeks short 'The Coat'


Here are some stills from the ITV shoot with Diana Frangi of Latest 7 and Latest TV.

Also some from the Freshly Dried horror movie which you can see on youtube.
The Gruesome Twosome, Emily and Rosie, came down to Brighton for the day along with their snake. It was an awesome shoot despite the rain......Big in Japan (aka Skye de la Mare) made her acting debut on this production and Crysi de Milo played 3 different support roles, the tranny, the drunk and the escaped mental patient....obviously playing herself really!

The sountrack is by the East London based band whose music is free to download so check them out!


The third film in Project 52 is Adgit Prop Striptease


The second film in the project was Cigarette.


We are now well in to the Project 52 series. Goddamn Media has vowed to make a short each week and has pressed unsuspecting resident performers, Crysi de Milo and Big in Japan, to action every week come hangovers and broken hearts!

First in the Project 52 series was Freshly Dried.

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