Saturday, 9 January 2010

The year ahead for the Countess promises much. The doodles that I do whilst chatting on the telephone will be available on the internet through the website which has been lovingly restored by one of my trusty slaves.

The Countess is recording the album as well as making the video with Sir Peter Jarrette. You can hear the single 'Pump Up The Pussy' here and on and on facebook of course if you are my friend.

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The video diaries will be online throughout the following year. The Countess will keep her loyal subjects informed of all her activities in Brighton and Hackney so please log on when you are able and feel free to inform me of your dilemmas or suggestions for better running of the kingdoms. The website has a guest book should you wish to comment there and of course all subjects may comment here.

We must all look forward to the pride float in which the Countess will take a select few from her Court as well as her cupids and dwarves.

The Palace is open for appointments to view the doodles and other business as well as to partake in feasting and frivolities on the weekends. Please use the telephone or electronic mail to book Countess time.

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