Sunday, 7 May 2017

the Countess of Brighton and Hackney Fashion House

The collection for the big launch is ready and the Countess is busy with labels and price tags at the palace.

It has been a month of stress and will culminate in a big reveal at the Brighton Twisted Market on Sunday the 14th of May in Brighton at a night club called Funky Fish opposite the Palace Pier.

There is much going on in Brighton that weekend as the city is deep in the throws of the Fringe Festival.

Doors to the event open to the eager public at midday and they traders retire from their sales at 5pm ready for an exclusive after party which will be hosted by the wild and crazy underbelly of Brighton's cads, hos and weirdos.

The Countess expects to see many of her court swing a wicked hoof and she will be in full regalia along with her loyal assistant Sheik Mirabah.

The Countess x

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