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Monday, 22 May 2017

Ethically sourced design and manufacture by Pasha du Valentine at The Countess of Brighton and Hackney

I have been so busy these last weeks with the launch of my new fashion brand The Countess of Brighton and Hackney.

I did the big reveal in Brighton UK during the Fringe Festival which as a Green Council seemed and obvious choice.

Many thanks to my staff for all their assistance. We also had a chat to some of Brighton's best at the Twisted Market where we set up stall so expect to see Kitten Skye, Gary Mallard and DJ Arthur Shilling who mate it along to the pop up shop at the Funky Fish and were all filmed for the alternative Real TV show.

The setting up of the Etsy Ethical Store is in full throttle.
Of course a shop such as this is never complete and is organic in its growth as well as its function to support the planet ecologically as well as functionally.

The Countess of Brighton and Hackney is committed to

Radical design concepts to forward the message of caring for the planet
Fair pricing for source materials and items for distribution
Fair treatment of makers and affiliated sellers
Promotion of 'female' arts and crafts which have been traditionally underpaid and undervalued.
Fair wages
Promotion of planet friendly processes.

The Countess of Brighton and Hackney will not support

Any form of animal cruelty
Any form of abuse of people labour world wide
Any form of corruption through exploitation in fashion and its processes

Where products already exist which have have been created through non eco friendly techniques the Countess of Brighton and Hackney will endeavor to make use of them to a better end. This particularly applies to plastics.

With love and hope for a better planet for our children.
the Countess Pasha du Valentine x

To follow and help with our brand or to support our ongoing ethos, click the link below

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