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Sunday, 25 June 2017

My Art at Saatchi

Lazy Sunday? I should be so Lucky!

The studio at Royal Clarence Marina is a wonderful peaceful place for me to get on with my work.

I put an offer out last week for free bandanas and was actually inundated so that is my week sorted as I source lovely recycled fabrics and accessories for Ethical Countess,

Today however is all about editing and I will be in the edit suite doing titles for this week;s edition of Milf Sheik.

There is much humour as usual and Jeremy Corbyn, dressing up, naked bike rides and disappointing Tinder dates all in a Brighton coated package.

If you missed the other episodes here they are.

With love and peace from the Countess x

The Search for Captain Birdseye a Tinder Sailor (made with Spreaker)

Milf Sheik Episode 2

Milf Sheik episode 1

Friday, 23 June 2017

Low Carbon Footprints, use imagination not hurt

Did you know you can make a saw from a bike chain?

You can even rig up a blender to a bike for a smoothie or rig up the cycle wheel against a cement mixer!

Google and Youtube have some lovely off grid ideas.

All my bandanas are eco friendly, recycled, upcycled, fair trade, fair wage and low carbon footprint.

Love the earth and it will love you back x

Ethical Countess gets the mission started!

Al the shop fittings have arrived, some recycled, others donated and some purchased from fair trade suppliers............................


The Etsy store is the first public site where anyone can buy the recycled and vintage items and we are rolling out the wholesale terms in the coming weeks.

The Countess has donated 6 bandanas to worthy models in industries where the gospel according to ethical fashion may flourish. 
More details on their way next week!

Here is the logo at last for Ethical Countess

Stay kind, stay free x

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

So Pretty Pretty Vacant Sex Pistols art with glitter skull

So Pretty Pretty Vacant Sex Pistols art with glitter skull

Fragile by Pasha du Valentine Marilyn Monroe art ethical

Fragile by Pasha du Valentine Marilyn Monroe art ethical

Art canvas by Pasha du Valentine recycled collage johnny depp

Art canvas by Pasha du Valentine recycled collage johnny depp

Jeremy Corbyn: You don't defeat terrorism by ripping up human rights - B...

Thoughts for Diane Abbott

Thoughts and support for Diane Abbott who has really had so much abuse for gender and colour since the start of her career. It was becoming obvious that something was not right but notice that that Labour does not fire you at the first sign of illness be it physical or mental. Get well soon sister.

Vote for something better with Jeremy Corbyn

For me personally I enjoy my morning coffee in bed watching rousing speeches by my Corby at his rallies. Whatever will I do on Friday? Watch reruns like an old Tory watching Minder in the afternoons waiting to die? No I will be joining the party for the good fight and for a better future where the elderly are respected and nurtured! VOTE LABOUR

Monday, 5 June 2017

Free artwork giveaway by Pasha du Valentine

I am giving away artwork to anyone who donates fabric or recycling to my new shop ETHICAL COUNTESS on Etsy. I arrange collection of things like old curtains, duvet covers etc. Good recycling condition is important so nothing 'baubly' but rips and small damage I can work with. I will also consider plastics and shop fittings etc.

Ethical Countess

Friday, 2 June 2017

Trump fails us all on global warming!

I was in London at the start of the week hobnobbing with the cool cats.
This weekend I will be in the studio at the Royal Clarence Marina working on some new signature pieces for my eco friendly fashion house.

I have found some interesting plastics that I will be using on clothes so please follow my social media for detailed updates and share the dream of a kinder world for the children of the future.

Trump is being an ass as usual of course when it comes to global warming! Despite that, have a great weekend xx

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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Working on branding and styling at the Countess of Brighton and Hackney

Bust working all week on the Countess fashion label and the new Etsy shop!
Show room dummies are on my mind and I have been donated one from a mate in thrilling and wonderful life is despite the stress.

Call for guests, actors, musicians, artists etc..... Facebook update from Pasha

It is nearly time to film part 3 of our new TV show....if you will be in Brighton and fancy a stormed attack by Milf Sheik let us know, We like artsy, funny, left wing, anarchic, colourful people! But I suppose we would have UKIP on and be mean to them! Tag anyone you think might be up for it.

Earlier this week the Countess was guest of Delilah Jay in London.
Ah yes it is dog's life!

Monday, 22 May 2017

Ethically sourced design and manufacture by Pasha du Valentine at The Countess of Brighton and Hackney

I have been so busy these last weeks with the launch of my new fashion brand The Countess of Brighton and Hackney.

I did the big reveal in Brighton UK during the Fringe Festival which as a Green Council seemed and obvious choice.

Many thanks to my staff for all their assistance. We also had a chat to some of Brighton's best at the Twisted Market where we set up stall so expect to see Kitten Skye, Gary Mallard and DJ Arthur Shilling who mate it along to the pop up shop at the Funky Fish and were all filmed for the alternative Real TV show.

The setting up of the Etsy Ethical Store is in full throttle.
Of course a shop such as this is never complete and is organic in its growth as well as its function to support the planet ecologically as well as functionally.

The Countess of Brighton and Hackney is committed to

Radical design concepts to forward the message of caring for the planet
Fair pricing for source materials and items for distribution
Fair treatment of makers and affiliated sellers
Promotion of 'female' arts and crafts which have been traditionally underpaid and undervalued.
Fair wages
Promotion of planet friendly processes.

The Countess of Brighton and Hackney will not support

Any form of animal cruelty
Any form of abuse of people labour world wide
Any form of corruption through exploitation in fashion and its processes

Where products already exist which have have been created through non eco friendly techniques the Countess of Brighton and Hackney will endeavor to make use of them to a better end. This particularly applies to plastics.

With love and hope for a better planet for our children.
the Countess Pasha du Valentine x

To follow and help with our brand or to support our ongoing ethos, click the link below

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Sylvie Franquet: Reconstructing with stitch

Sylvie Franquet: Reconstructing with stitch: Throughout the 16th and 17th centuries, the Flanders region of Belgium functioned as the centre of European tapestry production, commended for their particularly large textile works filled to the brim with intricate, painstaking detail. Flemish artist Sylvie Franquet is attuning herself with her own cultural roots. Franquet doesn’t create her tapestries from scratch; the artist...

Woman with a fish – Thank you!

Woman with a fish – Thank you!: Thanks for signing up for Sue Stone’s ebook, ‘Woman with a Fish’. Please check your email for a message from us for your download. Perhaps you’d like to do one of the following? Sign up to our monthly newsletter for all the most exciting news from Never miss an article, review or...

Commissions of wall art by Pasha du Valentine

I am now offering giant monochrome wall peaces from amy of my tee shirt designs.

Message me on

for a quote for original or reprinted canvases up to 6 square feet or more.

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Commission Portraits by Pasha du Valentine