Saturday, 16 December 2017

Why I Hate Christmas by the Golden Dominatrix

People tend not to give dungeon vouchers as presents

Everyone is with their families pretending to be vanilla

It is hard to find anyone to play with

All the sexy shops are closed

Deliveries of exciting things take forever

It is too cold to wear just a corset and boots

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Global Sales are up for Goddamn Media

Launching the global range is exciting and surprising as sales come from all corners of the globe.

Rolling out the port folio will take months but if you have a design in mind why not get in touch and I can speed things up.

Otherwise check out the Zazzle products and those on Redbuble as we target Australia and the USA.

I have a busy year ahead.

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Excerpt from The Great British Secret by Pasha du Valentine

'Prisons are like single sex boarding schools without prep. Ex prisoners have finely tuned their ability to use what resources they have, to make useful contacts for the future and to make money.
A man fresh out of jail is a man you should find a use for.'

from The Great British Secret by Pasha du Valentine
(c) Goddamn Media/Pasha du Valentine

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Menopause, Hysterectomy and Pain Management, the Golden Dominatrix Takes Bed Rest

I am awaiting a probable hysterectomy very soon after seeing those who are wise in these matters next week.
My fibroid, otherwise known as a tumour of the womb, has doubled in size probably because of a surge in estrogen during my peri-menopause.

I am not here to share the gory details (saving those for the documentary) but more to share some Countess advice.


Take everything they give you!

My pain threshold has been reached and my doctor has been elevated to godly status.

I am after all the Golden Dominatrix and used to giving pain not receiving it.

I can just about work still, at least from the boudoir and the sexy bed....though sex is on hold for a few weeks of course. The pain killers will see me though until surgery and beyond.

I can still type and think and therefore, I am!

And I am still exercising the whipping arm.

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Saturday Politics, just the one from the Countess of Brighton and Hackney

We are all one step away from being homeless, poor, sick....the measure 
of a society is how it treats such people.....

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The Countess awaits Surgery in the comfort of the Boudoir and practices the vagina clamp

I will find out on Wednesday when my surgery will be and have decided to enjoy the few months recuperating in extreme luxury. 

Pre op, I am fixating on serious pelvic floor exercises....100s in a day. It is easy to forget to do them so I leave notes around to remind me. Also the dreaded sit ups and leg raisers have become ritualistic. Very dull if I am honest. 

After this surgery I will have vagina muscles fit to fire ping pong balls at moving targets!
I may film it for my YouTube channel.

I have ordered Champagne from Fortnums and will be gorging on chocolate.....gluten free only of course. 

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Sexy Sin Songs with the Golden Dominatrix

Goddamn Radio brings you sexy sin songs every day chosen by Pasha du Valentine

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Friday, 15 December 2017

Finally a TV Chef worth Watching

For my readers enjoying a Friday night in. Thank me later x

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Notes on Drugs and the Art of Domination and Submission

I have always been a supporter of legalising drugs.

I won't go into the whys and wherefores now, suffice to say we all have a right to choose and I certainly don't think the government should tell me what to do with my body.

Of course in the sex industry drugs are fairly commonplace for many reasons.
Some sex workers have drug problems to maintain or find drugs get them through the job, if they are struggling with it for whatever reason.
Drink and drugs can excite, prolong and add dimension to sexual encounters.

Also drugs play a part in a lot of sex party environments. Cocaine is a traditional mainstay and more recently G and some other chem sex drugs are currently en vogue.
Sex on drugs can be exhilarating of course but when BDSM is involved it is quite another matter.

Drugs numb the body and they can cause damage with overdose or reactions but they may also impact on pleasure and pain levels in a negative rather than positive way.

Drugs can change blood flow too and alter perceptions of safety.
Risks may not be fully understood and results become unpredictable.

Drink and drugs loosen up the processes of sexual encounters but personally I would never perform as a dominant under the influence and likewise would not allow a client to be under the influence of anything mind altering during a session.

Safety should never be compromised, but also, the true process of power and submission requires an emotional and physical state so finely tuned and mutually reciprocated that nothing should hinder the attainment of complex goals. 

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Thursday, 14 December 2017

Quotes from the Golden Dominatrix, the Great British Secret

When a dominant gives up it is a strength. When a submissive gives up it is a weakness. When these things happen in unison it is a perfect cadence, which means of course, it is the end.

from the Great British Secret by Pasha du Valentine
(c) 2017 Goddamn Media

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Don't You Dare Walk Away From Me!


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Dressing up with the Countess of Brighton and Hackney and the Golden Dominatrix

I will be offering a full dressing up service at the Palace after Christmas with access to my very glamourous wardrobe and even a photo shoot should you like one.

I also have an extensive bondage wardrobe as well we know and am happy to dress you in my straight jacket and secure you to the rafters should that be your dream.

Fees vary with optional extras.

Men and women welcome. Let your inner self blossom with make up, clothes and wigs fit for princes and princesses!

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Tampons, Vibrators and the Waiting Game for the Vagina

Readers will know of my now year long battle with IBS and more recently anemia.
I am managing these conditions well and my iron levels are good.
I can weight train like I haven't for years and the dietary limitations are now automatic and therefore no longer stressful.
My first IBS book is out very soon as a Kindle download.
Miraculously my excruciating neck pain which has driven me to vodka many times over the last 6 years has completely vanished. I know not why, maybe the iron deficiency, who knows. 

Anyway, I have been diagnosed with a fibroid tumour, hopefully benign, as big as a melon.
It is getting bigger daily and I have been fast tracked to the hospital next week as cancer markers were also raised. (The test however is positive also with benign tumours so I am trying not to worry.)

This alien of mammoth proportions is pressing now on my hip bones and all the innards down below.
I cancelled badminton today as I am fearful of prolapse!
As I sit here I exercise the doorway to Mecca religiously....pelvic floor exercises are my new obsession. 

I have been bleeding for months but unable to get a tampon up the hole of pleasure. A vibrator and a willy however were no problem at all. 

I can only assume that laying down allows entry and standing up prohibits it.

I will ask the specialist next Wednesday although I may have to take a rain check on fucking until after the imminent hysterectomy.

I will be blogging about the procedures and fitness program and organising a massive party for when I am once again able to share the vagina love. I refuse to be out of action for long!

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The MC in the Countess Bathroom

I bought these at an auction in a box of odds, the rest
of which I gave to my mother. 
I was after a night light for the small loo, which has no
windows, and some extra light for the make up mirror.
These are battery run with easy side switches so perfect
solution. I can be the DJ!

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Social Media and Obsessing over Popularity, Is LinkedIn the New Craze?

So my trial separation with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram led me to view social media in a more pragmatic way. I was a bit overzealous in deleting apps and realised I needed access to sharing facilities to increase hits on the blog and the odd grand announcement, so they have snuck back into my daily life.

Trial separations are very useful though and I would recommend them as you can see the wood from the trees, the stalkers from the lonely and the sycophants  from the cads. 

Social media is good for business and you need to work out strategies without getting distracted by that incessant desire for popularity, which is human but just feeds the platforms with ever shrinking spirals of narrow friendship groups.

Cancelling notifications is the key to sifting out rubbish.

It will not help my brand if another Peter drools over my tits, Peter needs to buy my book.

I have had a LinkedIn account for years and accidentally got sucked in yet again to popularity contests as the notifications have started piling in. 

Congratulations on this and that and connections with what they call 'influencers' have started waking me up in the morning as the app tries to lure me in.

Oh please...I am the only influencer in the village!

Time now to watch Peaky Blinders in the bath and then a badminton match....

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Wednesday, 13 December 2017

World Domination Hits a Problem or Two

The wonderful new range of artworks added to the Zazzle shop have been deemed too adult for the consumption of the gentile public.

There is not much I can do other than move them all to Redbubble but that will take a great deal of time so please expect to be shocked in the new year.

Not disheartened, and indeed inspired, I have decided to continue a range of animals.

Necessity breeds invention....or poverty more like!


The wild animal inside me is about to be unleashed in a more public, family, child friendly range of cards, posters, button badges and baby bibs.

If you want my sexy stuff, see me after class.

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New Designs for Goddamn Media by Pasha du Valentine

The Palace Loo at Royal Clarence

The Auction and The Palace of Dreams at Royal Clarence

I can't tell you haw proud I am of my beautiful home and last night at the auction I bought even more gorgeous 'fit for a Countess' artifacts.

There was even mulled wine and the porter was drunk which amused us all greatly as he was somewhat 'all about the place' as he showed the goods.

I was feeling a bit worried about the impending operation as I am off to hospital next week and have to plan for 6 weeks off work at some point. Difficult for a workaholic making her fortune. Thank goodness for family and internet. I will work from my recovery bed.

I found these lovelies in a box of Christmas bits

and the cupids were an extra surprise

as I live in an apartment with very little natural light
I rely heavily on alternative lumens!

I bought 5 giant hearts

there are always lots of bankrupt retail items at the


these had wire attachments so were a doddle
to put on the 70s  porn chair

nuff said

for the IBS Handbook images

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