Friday, 20 October 2017

TV will eat itself

As a supporter of alternative media and rebel till death, as you all know by now, I was intending to write a piece about how mainstream TV will eat itself.

About how it produces an endless methane gas of shallow drivel to perpetuate itself. The cycle of nothingness that proletarian dreams are made of.

Then I got a call about doing a show.


Look, I have a book coming out, don't judge me today. I am unable to share details but watch me from afar, follow the blog, stalk me, get my emails sent automatically to your'll be worth it I promise.

Female Blackout? Kiss my very visible arse!

I had a message via that bloody awful Facebook messenger app (I know, I am deleting it any time now) that there will be a mass female blackout tonight on Facebook to bring to the attention of the world how important we are!


While we are there why not irradiate us from all of history like we didn't exist....oh wait, hang on, didn't someone try that already.


Pissed off and loudly complaining!

Thursday, 19 October 2017

MacDonald's is no place for a Countess

In an attempt to find a place of nondescript passive inspiration I made my way yesterday to Macdonald's.
The Great British Secret needs to be written as the characters are currently driving me insane with their derring do and skulduggery, all based on my dodgy friends and enemies of course, rattling around the confines of this novel and as yet waiting for an audience.

It is coming , coming soon I tell them. 

My brother, a simple man of simple needs, suspiciously on the autistic spectrum, recommends Macdonald's as they offer cheap coffee (and probably cheap women) and a sort of anonymity for the 'man without office'.

I am prone to give anything a bash.

My brother is a man of early rising and trots to this place of ill repute religiously every morning to partake in his official duties as a dealer in gold. Irony like no other, nuggets of gold and chicken.

Anyway, by the time I had set an alarm, put on some Polyfiller, got upset over the demise of a love affair, searched for a new one and recorded an epiphany from the bath for my YouTube channel, it was late afternoon.

Ah yes, of course it was. There seemed to be an infestation of rodents in school kit in the castle of MacDonald's. Food wrappers, many, food stuff over the floor, customers seemingly well trained at stepping over the debris, a vegan hell hole, a smell of fat that brought to mind Fight Club ( it's how my mind works) and worst of all, if that was even possible, the deafening shrill of the chip fryers as they warn of an impending disaster if someone doesn't take the fucking chips out!

I spoke to my bro who has suggested (with a warning not to succumb to the alcohol, he knows me well), Weatherpersons.

I will let you know how I get on there.

Meantime it is Badminton Thursday and I have an old flame popping round to give me a quote on delivering a piano.

Life goes on and the characters and their secrets wait patiently for realisation.

Pasha x

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all rights reserved

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

#MeToo Epiphany no 1 Countess of Brighton and Hackney

An Artist an Artist by Pasha du Valentine

Facebook Rehab Continues

Day 3 of cold turkey....well sort of.
Turns out I still need the chat app to talk to mother and also need to be logged in on the PC to share the blog. Furthermore an update changed my notification settings and the drug seeped through.

The next step was to turn off the phone.

In one fell swoop I would be truly reclusive, like a real Hollywood aging starlet.

I think I may have started to hyperventilate.....

The reason I am going through the pain is to focus on my art and it is working already.

A letter from my son, currently incarcerate, has spurned the 3rd epiphany of the week so there is much art to be done.

Film, word and ink are my friends and none of them are on Fuckedbook....

I am off to the bath to record the epiphanies.

Peace x

Letters from loved ones are blessed.

Bath time moment

Actually putting off the recordings for the Countess Diaries.
Epiphanies are so hard to put into words.

#MeToo can fuck right off

#MeToo is reducing my rapes to a fucking trend

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Porn Doilies by Pasha du Valentine

The Countess of Brighton and Hackney live art

Facebook rehab continues....

So I normally wake up and roll over to the phone which is always by my pillow.

Today I did the same but with no Facebook notifications I seem to have been targeted by other social media portals....I mean, how do Yelp know I am lonely for a social? It's like the local drug dealers know I am coming off the coke so they are offering me some legal highs!

I have tried to turn off all notifications on is almost impossible without removing the apps (which I don't want to do as I share my shit still even if I don't want to talk to anyone).

I may have to come off Facebook Messenger next as I keep getting rubbish through there too.

I hate facebook today, is this part of the rehab I wonder?

Twitter is next....what a pile of trash....

Maybe I should just delete the apps.....shall I?

I can do this.....

Monday, 16 October 2017

Fuck Facebook Let's Meet

Divorcing Facebook

So I didn't status at all and I stopped all the notifications....bit like a trial separation maybe....

I feel great and I am already looking at other social media sites!

Then I think to myself....hold back Pasha....they are all the same.....have some you time.

Everything is on auto share, it is like you are there but you aren't...

Feel the art vibe cometh, I feel free!

Feminist Performance Art in London and Beyond

I am currently working with two alter egos available for bookings for various events of an artistic nature.
You cannot hire the Golden Dominatrix for a private domination session but you can for a public show of public humiliation....yes such irony is never wasted on the arts.

The Golden Dominatrix is a feminist performer who explores notions of female power fetishised in the form of a BDSM super hero.

The Countess of Brighton and Hackney is more about class and equality....yes we still need to talk about that stuff afer all these years.

To book either character email or whatsapp me if you have the contact number.

Photography and Digital Art at Goddamn Media

This week launches the photography archives from Goddamn Media and Brighton Arts Club as I attempt to organise the back catalogue and focus on the new wave of creative arts through camera.

Those who know me understand that I flip from paint to photography to film and sometimes just wallow in a hot pot of all three.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Whats On London Thursday Brick Lane Gallery 7pm

Very excited to be performing at the Brick Lane Gallery....pop along for a recital of power poems and to see the Golden Dominatrix and her giant golden penis in action.....after party at Voutes with old school chum Sophie Parkin hosting the degenerate crew from the other side of London!

Sophie Parkin at her arts club 

The artwork is by another good mate who also painted
one of our vaginas at the BAC

And here is my new penis especially for the show

The Natural Order of Things 
by Pasha du Valentine

Whats On London This Week #selfiedestruction

Monday, 2 October 2017

The Countess of Brighton and Hackney Don't Mention the War

#pashaduvalentine #goddamnmedia #countessofbrightonandhackney #dontmentionthewar

Success and Failure to be on time

Just as well I am the boss as my self imposed deadlines slip daily.

The buzz around the London exhibition has meant putting the launch of Great British Secret on hold for 2 weeks.

Apparently, according to my PR guru, two events close together will dilute each other.
Besides I need another costume made as we will be live streaming the London performance.

Ah the days before internet when you could wear the same dress twice.

Perhaps one of these then for the Great British Secret TV show....

Pasha x

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Funny Lady...Where is the deal?

The Great British Secret by Pasha du Valentine

Mostly the fetish clubs were places where the damaged and the dangerous congregated.
It was never discussed or spoken of but the percentage of predatory men, and some women, on the scene was high. As was the percentage of people of both sexes who would not stand a chance of human contact outside in the vanilla world.

Under the guise of a dominant, a person could infiltrate a group of people who were sexually vulnerable and very often the victims of historic sexual abuse.Rape and sexual assault under the cover of the BDSM scene was difficult to police and for the most part, ignored by the people within it. It did not suit anyone well to reveal the truth about this murky side of things. The blind eye was always turned when lines were pushed.

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Selfies by Pasha du Valentine