Thursday, 10 November 2016

The new range of eco friendly Christmas gifts is on ebay tomorrow

From way back when, when being a vegan meant hard core tactics at hunts, and breaking into farms and abattoirs where atrocities against helpless animals were going on without abatement, and when action was achieved without internet: yes, since way back then I have have been interested in being kind to the planet.

I do eat fish and my vegetarian/vegan stomping days with Crass and Dirt and the Polemic Attack are a thing of history. However the desire to preserve the planet for my children is deep and and I have been recycling art ever since.

Don't get me started on grieves me so.

Goddamn Media launches the new Christmas gift range tomorrow with sales on eBay and through the website.

Simple solutions using recycled matter strewn recklessly about the planet. If it standing still long enough I will paint on it.

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