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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Meet Skye, the very cool tom cat who lives at the marina

One of the early sketches for Skye.
He will be available on Ebay today as a stencil for
Project Proletarian.

This is Skye. He used to live on the Isle of Skye but his owner (an ex editor for Vogue and Harpers and Queen) died suddenly. Skye managed to get onto a boat and ended up at almost the farthest point along the south coast, the Royal Clarence Marina. Skye, having been in fashion, is the coolest cat in the Marina and he poses on the jetty as newcomers take a break from the seven seas.
Skye is available on Ebay as part of the Project Proletarian later today in the form o a very cool street stencil.
Keeping it cool for cats at the Royal Clarence Marina.

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