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Sunday, 13 November 2016

Back on Fb but it will never be the same.

I get banned from Facebook a lot. I have about 10 different pages and am usually on the naughty step regarding half of them. It is usually over a stray artistic nipple and sometimes hate that time I said I would put that tosser in the boot of my car,

Being out in the cold was harsh this time around as I was blocked from ALL of them.

I was forced to do other things to feel wanted.
I had to make new in roads to popularity.
It was hard.
But I did it.

Also, as I live on a navy base, I have no phone signal in my apartment so the isolation was even more marked by feelings of loneliness and solitude.


I got so much work done. I made lots of art and I sold lots of art,
I made new friends in Bournemouth.
I decorated the loo.
I thought about things that I really felt without the pollution of the uneducated masses. The others.

You know when your boyfriend fucks someone and you take him back but it is never quite the same again? That just happened with my Facebook accounts.

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