Friday, 28 October 2016

Art for 99p on ebay

Look at this on eBay

Art for 99p on Ebay by Pasha du Valentine

Look at this on eBay

Art for 99p!

Look at this on eBay

Girl Punks Die Hard by Pasha du Valentine Project Proletarian on Ebay

Project Proletarian on Ebay

99p starting bids

Girl Punks Die Hard
Pasha du Valentine

Cunt by Pasha du Valentine

Available on Ebay for 99p
'The C Word'

'CUNT' by Pasha du Valentine available on RedBubble

Christopher Hitchens Talks at Google - Religion, Atheism and Conspiracy...

Art for the proletariat, own your own before the dealers get involved

Today I launch the Art for the Proletariat project which will offer affordable art on ebay from my studio.
Some of the pieces are slightly flawed for some reason and cannot be sold in a gallery. Other pieces are sketches or experiments or may have been used as a prop in a film or photo shoot. Some are simply getting in my way as I make room for new projects.

All pieces start at 99p on ebay auction sites and run from week to week.

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Pasha du Valentine and the 3rd Eye

the Golden Dominatrix IS Pasha du Valentine

The Golden Dominatrix by Pasha du Valentine

Pound Shop Horror by Pasha du Valentine

Pound Shop Terror by the Countess of Brighton and Hackney

Getting On All Fours, God's Waiting Room, Sheltered Housing, Growing Old...

Able And QUICK TRADESMEN, Goddamn Media Offices, Art For The Masses and ...

Jeremy Corbyn would never sell off social housing as Thatcher did so tragically!

I am very proud to live in social housing. It is safe, clean, warm, community savvy and mine as long as I need. I will be on the residents committee asap though....just to make sure it stays that way.

The wonderful Jeremy Corbyn 

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

No 2 Project 30 by Pasha du Valentine

No 2
Project 30
Pasha du Valentine

Goddamn Granny on Nail Art

No Doubt End It On This

New Home, Naughty Behaviour, Sex Drugs And Rock And Roll And Private Fem...

Goddamn News Just in!

I sign for the new place tomorrow and move in Monday....yey...finally a Goddamn homestead.

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1 of 30 Project 30 by Pasha du Valentine

Today's project....30 images representing my life.

Waiting for the new studio

The new studio will be ready any day as the decorators should finish soon.
Waiting has never been my strong point especially as all the studio equipment is packed and out of use.
Not my phone though so I guess today may involve some snaps about town for the Instagram files.

Remember the Instagram files are free to share and abuse (kindly please) for non profit stuff.

Waiting patiently,

Pasha x

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Saturday, 15 October 2016

Goddamn Granny on Heat Pads and Stalking

Hot Dog and Lipstick

Kitten Anarchy


Male Life drawing Model Needed

I need a male model for a life drawing hen party 12 November in Bournemouth,

Heat Therapy for Pain

Many moons ago my eldest daughter and myself were Christmas shopping for my Godfather.
We bought a lavender heat pad that goes into the microwave for 2 minutes.
He didn't like it, gave it to Ma who hates lavender, and it has now found its way to me.

Ah the relief.....something other than vodka for the pain.

Saturday Night In.....enjoy the rest in case of chaos tomorrow

The Conservative Club, Jeremy Corbyn's Babies, Admirals And Commanders, ...


Tuesday, 11 October 2016



Is Simon Cowell guilty of intellectual copyright infringement and will he get away with it!

Some years ago I had a performance art character called Handy Mandy.
I made three films starring the character which was a spoof DIY expert.

She was good.

Which is why Channel 4 stole the character and gave her to Amanda Holden. A much less amusing version.

Getting representation may be harder than you think, especially if the coffers are bare.

Britain's Got Talent steals Handy Mandy from Pasha du Valentine

Whilst perusing for my old Handy Mandy films I came across Handy Mandy on Britain's got talent....some years after my character Handy Mandy appeared on line.

A comedy character with a more mainstream appeal of course but a blatant copy by Amanda what were you doing ripping off an expert?

I don't understand why Simon Cowell would copy me when all can see the original. Oh wait, didn't I just feature a show on the radio station exposing Gucci for stealing designs from London's cool cats?

Get some originality please!

Alternative portraiture by Pasha du Valentine at Goddamn Media

Looking for s bit of an edge with your portraits or events photography?

Goddamn Media specialise in creative productions.

Follow our Instagram and Facebook pages to check out our style.

Monday, 10 October 2016

Events Photography along the south coast with Goddamn Media

Goddamn Media offers stills photography and film documentaries of all events where a less corporate more creative production is desired.

Award Ceremonies
Documentary TV and radio events

We also have a great internet presence on Instagram, Google Facebook and other social media.

We offer all aspects of production from basic photography to complete projects.

Going braless in the village....

I find myself in Costa listening to a group of well matured people discuss that old dot mooted subject of bra wearing. One is a man....the font of all knowledge perhaps. It transpires that one of them oft goes without which apparently impinges on her ladylikeness.

Swinging free in the village.

Pasha x

the search for Captain Birdseye Continues and problems with Facebook

In an attempt to abate my chronic back and neck pain I am off to town to get chocolate and a glimpse of Captain Birdseye.

I am 30 minutes in to giving up Facebook and it is none too bad.

I decided that the curse of fb makes it hard to move on, difficult to give up negative relationships and situations, and may eve cause depression.

So here is to chocolate, exercise and the search for love in the village.

Pasha x

New Shoes!

Pet owners beware!

It occurred to me today that pets may become a thing of privilege as more and more landlords disallow pets in their properties.

I have a home owned by a housing association and have been told also no pets.

'What, no ickle puddy tat that stays in doors?'


I couldn't find a landlord that would allow pets and when I lost my business I had to give up my 3 very special cats who had got me through life's horrors and gave me strength to recover.

I am not so sure that a rodent can match them.....or a toad.....

Who can have pets then? The homeless and rich people?

meow meow x

Suicide, Breakdown, Nightmares, Hedonism Without Intellect, Judas Women,...

Sunday, 9 October 2016

The Golden Dominatrix 'You Are Mine'

The Golden Dominatrix

The Golden Dominatrix

You walk so tall, so vain, so free
But you for now are mine
And I will take you to a place
Where love and hate collide

Submit to me your dark desires
The dreams you dare not dream
The Dominatrix tastes your tears
She lives to hear you scream

the Golden Dominatrix 2016

Christmas Gig Bookings for acoustic and wordsmith performers

The new Goddamn Radio Studio is in the Solent and is a place of excellence for wordsmiths and poets.
If you would like to feature for one of the Christmas broadcasts on the station please get in touch with Pasha and book an informal chat and a chance to perform your work on the internationally acclaimed free thinking channel.


Saturday, 8 October 2016

The Studio is about to be launched for Goddamn Media at the marina

I am so excited for the new alternative studio which will co-exist along with Goddamn Radio in the Solent in less than a fortnight.

The photo studio will offer alternative shoots for artists and anyone who is looking to have a personal shoot done with the creative edge that Pasha du Valentine can bring.

Shoots start at £50 for a basic session and there is the opportunity to embrace the weird and wonderful as the studio will be filled with props and lighting that only Pasha could muster up.

Possibilities include


That is just for starters of course and collaboration is welcome with other directors and artists so please get in touch.