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Sunday, 25 June 2017

My Art at Saatchi

Lazy Sunday? I should be so Lucky!

The studio at Royal Clarence Marina is a wonderful peaceful place for me to get on with my work.

I put an offer out last week for free bandanas and was actually inundated so that is my week sorted as I source lovely recycled fabrics and accessories for Ethical Countess,

Today however is all about editing and I will be in the edit suite doing titles for this week;s edition of Milf Sheik.

There is much humour as usual and Jeremy Corbyn, dressing up, naked bike rides and disappointing Tinder dates all in a Brighton coated package.

If you missed the other episodes here they are.

With love and peace from the Countess x

The Search for Captain Birdseye a Tinder Sailor (made with Spreaker)

Milf Sheik Episode 2

Milf Sheik episode 1

Friday, 23 June 2017

Low Carbon Footprints, use imagination not hurt

Did you know you can make a saw from a bike chain?

You can even rig up a blender to a bike for a smoothie or rig up the cycle wheel against a cement mixer!

Google and Youtube have some lovely off grid ideas.

All my bandanas are eco friendly, recycled, upcycled, fair trade, fair wage and low carbon footprint.

Love the earth and it will love you back x

Ethical Countess gets the mission started!

Al the shop fittings have arrived, some recycled, others donated and some purchased from fair trade suppliers............................


The Etsy store is the first public site where anyone can buy the recycled and vintage items and we are rolling out the wholesale terms in the coming weeks.

The Countess has donated 6 bandanas to worthy models in industries where the gospel according to ethical fashion may flourish. 
More details on their way next week!

Here is the logo at last for Ethical Countess

Stay kind, stay free x