Monday, 23 October 2017

Porn Doily 11 by Pasha du Valentine

Porn Doily 10 by Pasha du Valentine Saatchi Gallery

New Photo Project Erotic Selfies by Pasha du Valentine on twitter and Instagram #iamthephotographer

I have a new photo project on Twitter and Instagram called


I'm interested in how viewers of all genders perceive erotic photography as different if it is taken by somebody else or by the individual as a selfie and specifically for this work, the erotic selfie.

I am the photographer and artist and the selfies are works of art. At what point is this act of erotic visual autobiography perceived as vanity, as puerile because I am the photographer or irrelevant because the choice of subject, if it is myself, is not mine to make. 

Would another photographer have more 'right' to choose my body as subject.

The images will make a bigger exhibit at a later date.

Is the Queen a Dominatrix?

I am staunchly anti royal (orf with their aristocratic heads)
but I do like that uniform.

The Duty Solicitor and the Client

'I was careful, used the flat of my hand. She was feisty, whacked me a few times, you know, a wriggler.' The client laughed as he savoured the moment.

He was a huge man, six foot five or more, a rapper in a band with delusions of fame. Although the solicitor was not au fait with the local rap scene so what did he know?

'She kept being sick, you know, like over and over. Really fucking turned me on. I done 'er three times, fucking whore.'

The solicitor was a working class boy made good, though he would never be good enough.

That's why he was representing the scum of the earth. He was in it for the money, nothing deeper.

There was a constant feed of criminals in the city that came from the underprivileged mostly. Young boys from single parent families who were consistently let down by a system that didn't want to solve problems, just sustain them at a profitable level.
These problems were a money tree for social workers, lawyers and prison services, usually in that order. The poor paid his mortgage. The boys who started a life of crime at twelve would pay for his family, his home and holidays, his visits to the dominatrix. He always made sure they had his direct number.

'Call me if you get in any bother, any time day or night', he would tell them.
And they always did.

He had fallen from moral grace many years ago and become the Pied Piper of the city detention centre.

from The Great British Secret by Pasha du Valentine
(c) Goddamn Media/Pasha du Valentine 2017

Sunday, 22 October 2017

The Great British Secret Episode 1 Hush BDSM on Goddamn TV

The long awaited new sex talk show with Pasha du Valentine explores what makes this fine country of ours tick under the bed sheets, and sometimes beyond.
Here  we meet the gorgeous sexy couple Kensington and Poppy who give us some insight to what makes things go with a bang in their bedroom!

#poppyandkensington #pashaduvalentine #greatbritishsecret #sextalk #sexchatshow #bdsm #kink #fetish

Quick Coffee Break then Back to the Great British Secret

I always seem to work on the weekend....the glamour only happens then I guess!

The Great British Secret is a TV show about what makes the UK tick under the duvet. Secrets are safe with me I promise, except for all my TV followers of course but they wont tell either.

Do I exist without Facebook and Tinder?

My rehab had a small blip last night when I accidentally engaged with someone on my Facebook page. I know....I feel ashamed and dirty!

It was a random notification that popped through regarding the TV show and in my excitement I liked something about myself.


It will not happen again as I try to get used to the fact that a) no none cares and b) I am having an existential crisis because I am no longer sure I exist if no one sees me on Facebook.

I am disabling the messenger app, a big step in the 12 step program I hear. The only messages that come are stupid glittery cards and apologies for apparent misdemeanors I hadn't even noticed, or men hoping I will beat them into submission when there is clearly no need as they are already under foot.

I had to disable Tinder as well due to a barrage of really stupid men who can't spell and have terrible grammar which is, it turns out, a massive turn off.

Back to the drawing board.

One more coffee then full make up for the Great British Secret TV show tonight.

I have new white hair which makes me very happy. I should see a shrink. Happiness has become new hair. There may be a problem.

Lady Gaga copying my look AGAIN!

Saturday, 21 October 2017

Poems of Love and Desire by Pasha du Valentine

The Great British Secret TV Show

The wonderful sexy people to guest on the first episode of 
my new TV show are Poppy and Kensington.
The Great British Secret gets personal with the people of Britain
and asks what do they get up to behind closed doors?
The show will go live late on Sunday after the watershed.
Please follow the blogs to get updates of the shows.